American Gun Culture

Weapons have helped since the stone age. American gun culture therefore is nothing surprising even though the rest of the world has not caught on. Since man has crushed grapes, men have took pride in hand held devices to help them protect the nest. Giant cavemen built buildings hundreds and thousands of years ago with big […]

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Dartford Masood Adrian Russell Ajao

Dartford Masood Adrian Russell Ajao. Man in his early fifties who has a history of violence, background in martial arts who has lived in Luton and Birmingham. Dartford born Masood ‘Adrian Russell Ajao’ became a Muslim late in prison. His daughter who is quite good looking recently converted to Islam. The pressure on women to […]

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UK Democracy House Commons Lords

You know your in the House of Lords when you see red leather seats. The House of Commons has green leather seats. Although both seats are made of similar upholstery they seat two different types of people. Many people ask me what is democracy and how do things operate here in the United Kingdom? The […]

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TAR by Wydham Lewis is an Anagram

Source: TAR by Wyndham Lewis is an Anagram Wyndham Lewis mixed art and writing together. What made him so unique to government was the way he challenged rules. Art at that time was methodical and a growing commodity. Today the rich art owners out of paranoia keep them in vaults and containers. This is because […]

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