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Where Does The Peace Sign Come From

Peace Pipe

Fine Art America – Geraldine Arata

Depending on where you live hand signals mean different things, equally as confusing peace means different things to different people. Around the world we see Democracy being introduced to remote areas of the world. Democracy has already made its mark on society. Generally From the white flag to the Mercedes Benz we all have an image of what peace means. For some its the pipe, for others its a candle. Some find peace in the magic carpet. Peace protection of world governments with nuclear weapons. Peace could be moving to Mars or joining the underwater world projects. Peace therefore is not just the comforts of home, but going outside the box. Getting out there, finding out what is going on. Watching from the sideline as peace comes out of unnecessary arguments. Staying out of harms way, becoming invisible, drawing a magical bullet proof vest around the body.

Everyone likes to feel safe. Feeling safe however is not all peace is thought to be.

CND signs are about peaceful protest and in the 20th century in India the world was reminded about how peaceful stands against an Empire can be effective. This sort of leadership however does not come without hostages. All those following Gandhi to the ocean were met with the same fists they cued up in single file to receive what can only be described as unknown/unwarranted abuse. The point is the world see’s that, the world see’s everything. Peace is more than just one man out in a storm in a boat all alone. Peace is a satellite, a microchip and other tools we claim in 21st century.

A smile is the beginning of peace.
– Mother Teresa

Seek Peace

It takes more than words to make or brake a moment of peace. You can create your own peace and if your intentions are genuine then the message you send out there should not disturb the undisturbed.

A General July Entry

It’s been very warm recently here in the UK. July is usually pretty sunny. This is just a leisurely entry about the news icons on Facebook.

You can flick between politics, news and entertainment. Strangely enough there are many stories that spill into all three trending categories.

The icons are located whilst on a PC to the right when you press the Facebook icon top left of the page.

From there below when you first click you also have access to pages you already follow and like.

From there you can see how many entries you have missed but also gives you a good idea about pages that are no longer being updated.

Part of me thinks this data may also be shown to other companies or at least the new advertising agencies involved in serving services to users using Facebook as a means of lead generation.

It is quite late so I will leave it there. Thanks for reading this general July entry update.

Democracy in films

Robert Bridge:

Here is a post made for this blog but was originally published on another blog called walk down the road happy.

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There are many films out there that focus on politics or squeeze in something about democracy in films. We share a common understanding and assume each of us have seen the latest film or documentary. The jargon extracted gets repeated in our daily lives and often it’s based on something we already recognise. This adds to global consciousness and is also a tool used to create peace.

Looking and listening to some feature films more recently released we can then find common ground with a particular active audience that are looking to exercise what it is they have learned whilst watching the latest movie or documentary. The point maybe to retrieve more of the time spent invested in this passive participation. Others are collector’s perhaps looking for other collections. Serious career minded media buffs are looking to share and deepen communications on the particular topic at hand. Let me mention…

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Titles of Democracy – Paying For Political Passwords

Titles of Democracy – Paying For Political Passwords Part One

Three things stand out in politics and persuading. One thing we do not see is passwords, we have enough of our own numbers to remember. Democracy works like many other things, you put in the code and out comes the money. There is two sides of the fence equally contributing to your countries accelerators. One is the throttle and the other agent acts like the engine revving and grunting. You can hear these loud signs of gratitude as you go through town. We have all experienced the shopping around, so is it any wonder clients are now shopping around for passwords. The democratic moat has green moss floating around the edge of it that forms symbols and letters. Coins collect at the bottom of the well but we still have burning wishes. Some wish about more practical things other than politics and use this in communities, these are the active ripples one wishes to measure. We like a stone are just skimming the surface. Bouncing along in our chosen happy uniform.

Titles of Democracy – Paying For Political Passwords Part Two

Saving nails and waving on passing neighbour’s looking for some reading about how they are doing. In doing we hope to get some affirmation that everything is OK because we have not time or inclination to think these thoughts ourselves. The sense of loss only comes to those who use and create new things. Knowledge handed down is ground in. The political pestle and democratic blender do all the hard work for us. The prized possessions come in counting, measuring and presenting. Each equally rewarding envelope has three times more weight in salt. That is why it pays to take an interest in politics. Outside donations never go to waste. Something has to give and there will always be citizens on the frindges wanting. These sort of things show, these sorts of people loose passwords and no one cares for these unfautunates. The password generally leads to more spam messages from various online companies utilising gmail and Hotmail. There is no point paying for political passwords and never leads anywhere your better of with a completely new email. Yet people still the worst of this is yet to come, when actual fact the best has already been invented and reinvented. In democracy it seems like loose change as long as the holes in the pockets are stitched back up again before leaving no change or little bits of paper with passwords on them will be ever lost or retrieved. So is it a hopeless exorcism?

Titles of Democracy – Paying For Political Passwords Part Three

Exercising right’s and using a title to govern society in peaceful ways. Other suggestions in still more confusion and chaos. We each carry our own Punch and Judy stall, full of drama and ways of telling stories. The code we use in days gone by, time was spent cyphering codes. Symbolism imposed itself that only adds to the neurotic structure a leader needs to wish for local success in a global theatre. We pay good money for cryptography. A picture sells a million copies. A blank wall brings peace and unity. In this day and age there is so much that we just need to do there then ignore its unreal. The global hyper theatre we each live in reproduces itself elsewhere just like XFactor, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The National Lottery and other exportation tv show s.

Cultural Pro Hegemony

Cultural Pro Hegemony is the title of my new book in my head. The title is actually old, between 60’s and seventies.

The title tracks back to pre pro Marxism along the lines of Marxist Pro Hegemony. I thought it suited the style that I have fallen into here on Democracy and World Peace. First I explain why then will go into more about where I will have picked up this stance, then hopefully I will explore more of getting out of this rut.

Cultural pro hegemony as I see it is part of urbanisation. Pro Marxism hegemony came about during a critical time in history when economically lots of people were struggling to make ends meet. Arguably it was also a time of great prosperity, take baby boomers for example. During the sixties and seventies I sure you agree ‘baby boomers’ did really well. The critical train of thought was developed out of necessity for change. A handful of scholars took what they liked from Marx’s historical citations about how urbanisation works and blended it with politics. Which is why it’s become prominent in this day and age.

By unearthing the problems and going on about problems in a light hearted way the media use this model and sensationalized the mundane political policies. This is understood still by politicians and media involved servants. Both understand the model but may not be consciously aware of using it. Media studies during the eighties came about from Cultural Studies that had to look at these things.

This was at a time when Indiana Jones would have taught in colleges. Anthropology and exploring the world for artifacts became popular, whilst in the entertainment sphere popular music was taking of in a big way. Musicians were avoiding political baise in the lyrics to sell records to the mass youth market. Youth empowered by reasonably priced wireless radios. Radio stations funded by political donations were able to leverage opinion and test lots of ideas out. And one of them was the witty side of Carl Marx. Carl Young and Einstein all have similar faces, the three all have that Santa Clause look about them. With that said bearing in mind the industrial era of the workhouse had by then phased out. In order to get things in shape I observe this is why perhaps all the literature of use in Marx’s words perspective had value. Labour was still the stable occupation and higher education was far more elite. The memories of two world wars left an imprint on hearts and minds of citizens. They learned new ways of staying cheerful and it’s these coping strategies that gave metropolis nations an appetite for critical theory.

Van Gogh coined a great term about his art. He said: “…If I could eat my paintings I would…”

We all know the low ebbs people in the lime light comedians and musicians go through. Similarly regardless of class structure we all experience ‘Hard Times’ even politician’s, lawyers, bankers and public services. So what we needed was something to take the edge of serious subjects. Satire grew in the city as it did in France during the French Revolution. Linear texts adopted taking things through a fine tooth comb.

This is something I would just like to explore in a book. If anything it as it did in the beginning generate peace, just depends on your own cultural humour. That is why a discipline is formed. The cans and cannots. These sorts of experiments although unearthing appeal to the masses.

A justified argument to throw in the mix is that there are not enough solutions found.

So where should I draw the line in the sand? All over the world everyone want a piece of this knowledge, but culturally there are all sorts of cultural and theological hang ups. If you can think of some examples from any era or present I invite you to leave them below in the comments. Thanks.