IT Impact on Media

Discuss the key impacts of information Technology in ONE of the following areas, Education, Health, Media or Work.

The Media as we know it today consists of five separate entities. These five are mediums in which we are delivered or may access through in a particular package.

The five are in no chronological order: Newspapers, Television, Radio, Magazines or Internet.

Appropriately this essay section of the booklet will consist of mainly the internet, although the research has been cited from various academic books recommended in the course booklet and suggested through Brian’s lecture 4 on what work is not when unpaid.

The internet alone has boosted the scope of advertising of the media reaching a vaster world wide public at a click of a button or minimal subscription depending upon the ownership of bandwidth, not only has this restricted the global communication language simplified bullet sales pitches and opened up a market to all age groups it’s cleverly educated many un-academic civilians.

Although at present the words Googled or the adverts synchronised from the fresh new guru writers that regularly pop up via web-blogging or web-publishing can not always be believed which is true for most advertisements this can be due to a misunderstanding this is called dis-enchantment.

The Media makes money, therefore this market is either a necessity to the public or just a suggestive fashionable faze that may impose particular needs on society that can be influenced by world wide changes but what’s more important is the targeting of a certain market that makes money for the large corporate company’s or the small time E-bay dealer alike.

Advertising plagues the net although it’s this key concept related to the Media that provides the web-blobs we have easy access today with free bandwidth there comes free advertising that’s governed by the key providers.

Microsoft or Apple Mac to BBC have all simply the technology for which these relationships co-exist together. As Marshall McLuhan once stated, “The medium is the message.

Originally Telnet owned by the American civil defence coming from deep within the Pentagon created the communication between providers.

You could assume that the internet was began through a mistaken idea that may also of created to some a monster as indeed in the past history’s doom and gloom of say the television.

Many blogs are quoting this question of IT impacts as September 11th and the speed in which information travels on a more personal level.

This is contrary, applicable to the relationship between ranks and disassociation of leaders.

I simply chose to explain this impact upon society. like a religion it carries other technologies surrounding mankind that devastate. A game of passing the mushroom cloud parcel, loaded with differences of opinions all shared within this generation of nuclear families.

Carl Marx’s observed these patterns way before the internet ever existed, he called it a distortion of existence, and we can apply Marx’s principles to many economic, state, law and educational factors that may already mentioned re-iterate the ‘Superstructure’ within the Status Quo of the internet; it’s control mechanism’s, the work within, the money it generates to the crushing of the ‘bourgeoisie’ but what of the older generation? We should not now though Marx has had his day.

Apparently the change of technology is happening so frequently that if you missed it before you’d be a fool to miss any golden opportunities.

Children are excelling in computer experiences; new phones, doing online business creating a free for all market.

Soon the youth of Western modern society will speak completely different universal languages and earn completely different wages predicted by comedian Marx. It’s Baurdillard who smoked up a storm about his claim of arguing against the topic he spoke and taught for years: Sociology.

The future of Information available through the internet has now integrated with videos recorded instantly. We see this in the changing soon of HD televisions, the digital era is officially here.

You Tube creating it’s own home made directors and even the likes of Big brother spoke about online is drip fed through this important medium called the internet.

Giving like a lottery this false hope of Winners not losers, there all just spin off’s created by the heated demand of psychologically loaded knowledge now craved in Modern society.

The consequences mean that we know longer need to step out the doorway, Tesco shopping online; pinning in of details and purchasing the latest video game be it Xbox3 or PC compatible and we wonder why the Media portrays violence, obviously it’s in our nature but all these postures renders a man incapable of striking the first blow. 

Computer technology is great for the brain but it’s influence now is so powerful that it’s beginning to affect the health of men and women; obesity instant poverty, fraud and square vision.

Precautions and health warnings have been there from the start but the scale of users has gone far beyond any predicted figures. The Internet has already become a necessity for those who can afford access.

This is saving of paper but increasing the demand for bandwidth. Compared to recycling supplemental paper is far eco-friendly and electricity as indeed Bandwidth is vastly huge and Mathematically difficult to measure.

Computers and calculators are all alike they quickly perform the brains work but underneath there programming of ones and zero’s as revolutionised by Telnet back in the 60’s is just simply different to how the brain operates, and it’s this superiority that protects us from any outside alienation between the computer and the human race.

On a lighter note lexically and Morphologically the world through the Media’s influence will not expand this has already been done all that can happen now is a regression of spelling and abbreviating the gaseous words.

Our reading skills have been increased because the Media information that comes with the nature of the Internet; cheap bandwidth and restricted usage like text messaging.

Personally since using the internet my life has been enriched, interaction, instant access to any questions, up to date specifications, networking (Cisco).

The curiosity has gripped me, it’s changed my movements; where I go how much time spent in doors because of this I am now studying Media yet still can not configure two computers together or explain the seven layers through which computer packages are sent but I have access to this previously taught knowledge any time with the help of broad band or a BT phone link.<


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Special Thanks to Brian McDonough.

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