Peace and the world structure

Recently there has been a great big challenge on the society that forged the concepts of democracy. Some of these geopolitical notions have been forged by the locals of the U.S.A. Ironically the culture of this country is relatively small according to the time-span of Egypt or the Romans however the art has considerably moved from all over the globe to the American land. Take for example London Bridge. Dismantled then re-erected in the US.

The relationship with the U.K. and the USA has always been strong ever since the lamenting of the independence. The binary opposite of Culture is economy. But what has been revealed through the scrutiny of the banks and the realisation of Banks being the important part of society we see information being the key currency. However without the banks infrastructure the banks cannot generate this commodity.

For example is we in Britain need oil or some other commodity we can trade our knowledge.

Administration skills have shown to improve the finances of countries. However debt is a key principle in this relationship. I am guessing this reinforced the liquidity of information.

Art is information and we interpret this in many different ways but eventually when the effects become popular and the statistical data supports this then we can trade this format to other similar cultural environments. This forges relationships between Liberal minded people all over the planet.

The education available is so powerful it has unfortunately one side affect.

That is the cashless society we now live in.

This principle operates on many levels one of which that I’d like to highlight is the effect on the industry.

E-books being distributed freely are being sold for subscription as am sure your aware we live in a cashless society, that is everything seems to be free.

The modes of address have shifted and the problem of the maths and spaces to transfer data have increased. The www2 is already in place and the possibilities are endless. Politically it was inevitable when the government announced it’s proposals for ID  cards.

By rounding up all the information consumerism will not only change your freedom of choice but literally replace thoughts, leaving you to concentrate on things like leisure time, games and entertainment (Culture).

Supportively we’ve spent the past 40 years academically in a world where the leading minds have defined the word culture. Economically this created an explosion of entertainment. But too much of anything has confused the brains of middle class society. We live in a tolerable society, with dances to show our appreciation of anything, labels have commonalities and leisure has been packaged in many different packages. I just hope you can all continue to pay for these disposable products.

Waste is another factor of culture, were running out of room for antiques and the i-sores of history are being passed on geographically. We are now dumping rubbish in the remotest of areas.

In conclusion is democracy is an affordable principle? If America can still afford to carry the Democratic banner then what can it do to police this situation fairly. If they cannot afford this luxury who can? Finally world peace is only fair by inclusion of major representatives (some of which becomes lost in translation within the syntax of English) however what are we doing to educate these new thriving cities that are rapidly rising above the figures of debt. Mass producing for humans who can afford to use these disposable products in the name of fashion.

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