Loosing hope.

Truth is often difficult to understand, and the fact is I admittedly said the truth was what I sort but why does this process have to be so complicated. Hypothetically speaking the truth coming from the horses mouth is difficult to cultivate if one cannot process the information in a logical provable format. I argue that some of this data springs out at the right time, however the truth is it has to be repetitive, logical and linking to simple provable events (usually reported by some media) the verify the truth from the one you trust who you originally approached about knowing. Why is it we live in an age of second and third opinions. Well I guess without another person knowing the truth, the truth is not at all valid, to Avant garde perhaps. Ahead of the days especially if that news is scare mongering before it’s time. For example, lets say you read in a blog or a forum something about the future, however until you actually new the bigger picture and the knowledge of future histories does the truth make sense. And who’s to say what that bigger picture is. The present could all also be not true, especially when know-body is claiming to know the truth. It’s times like this that people turn to spiritual enlightenment to increase the perceptions of what is right. However in-between these intervals the head can slate these negative moments.

Education is historically correct if somewhat out of date a couple of years, however during the term is seems like the course is following current trends, however to get the points that clearly explain the truth (Other recognised truths) you must consult old books, sometimes a year often 20 years but more often than not new books regurgitating old news. People magically are still raving on about Aristotle, consulting other Greek imperial data, as they think about the popularity of it’s poetry. This creativity is overshadowing the points required for academia. A good analogy is constructed upon the fact that the creativity of writing is totally different to constructing a similar layout of writing an essay, or following the format of a report, citing and concluding the same analogies of everybody else who is bound to pass. Gaining results from the truth is only relevant if you act upon the truth which is soon to be lost in historical archives. What I’m expecting I guess is the truth is something that can be used to create a good change. Symbolically though this change and transference of information has be egotistical if you did not actually experience these hunches, your just following other peoples hunches. I guess this is what separates the winners from the passive audience. I could blame the TV, but I won’t. I could blame my many e-mails from Twitter (find me on robbwindow ) just as I could blame the cupboards for not refilling it’s self with food. But what’s missing is that innate desire to feed the brain.

Water and thirst is a good way of transforming this thirst for knowledge (that leeks a little truth) however the beware of the brains white washing effect. Brain retention could be innate just as it can be damaged by not absorbing the right vits and minerals.


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