Reactions, distractions, fears and tears

For every message we make, there has to be some sort of forethought. There are so many ways reactions take place, understanding who you are talking to helps, finding out who you are talking to is not all that easy. I could share with you some ways to find out more about your readers probably on someone else’s blog. If I get chance I will add these links into this post. Messages require calm reactions, if you are using images be sure to explain the reason behind confusing photographs. Right now due to the amount of reactions, distractions a lot I imagine of unfocused people are very sensitive right now. A lack of focus can come to anyone, so the temptation to follow other people is always there its a lot easier than focusing and there are a lot of creative people out there. Everyone love creativity and being creative by answering problems of the world, if you share these fears you will be less prone to the emotion welt up. Its a hard biscuit to crunch. On your own you are alone, in a tribe or congregation you are not alone and the sense of being part of a force marching only makes you stronger inside or outside the house. Having a conscious contact with god helps people and I understand getting closer to god comes through studying recommended text which requires an example of a regular contact with faith, that is a test and an ability to understand a reel back what has been understood. I here am not asking for any affirmations of your understanding of faith and am not asking you to raise your hand and agree with me. I am just exploring the thoughts of faith in the context of faith in peace and is democracy a flat route of opening the road of peace to everyone?

Focusing is hard when so many people are focusing on the same thing, this is global consciousness and for some this is an obligation. I enjoy people who share the continual grace especially when they give of decent examples of leadership qualities. This is nothing about how I understand democracy. Democracy is an idea made as long ago as you like. When you find out what you like about democracy you can begin talking about the sources and branch out from there. This is a good tip if you have forgotten what it is all about. When you follow people and disconnect or they disappear you will be left with a sense of loss. You can find out more about this by searching YouTube on mind control reversal, its called morbid reality. When you have a strong sense of belonging you feel empowered, part of the collective marching on merrily down the road.

When a dream becomes reality everyone who is in that dream come to the front and celebrate in the successes. When a dream turns into a nightmare the characters in that dream out of fear or emotion become divided. Whether you believe or remember your dreams and nightmares is besides the point. My point is your unconscious thoughts can so some trains of thought say become reality.

In relation to what I am thinking right now requires an explanation of me the writer: metaphysical thoughts, sometimes focused often distracted and dip in and out of all sorts of faiths, thinking and schools of thought. I am dedicated and loyal to the cause of understanding what life is all about, why things happen and what might happen in the future. When things happen its a sense of knowing this would happen and by this time I am already on to something else. Time is strange, one minute I am now the next I am in an article from two, three, four years ago. My objective then seems to be about six months into the future. The perceptions I see happening around me are based on confusion when a six sense of being lied to comes in. I want to know who is financing things to empower or change thoughts. So a dream then becomes a nightmare in theory when the sense of fear is detected through a metaphysical sense of being lied too, if it happens to me I am sure other people have this too, I have dispraxia by the way so it won’t be all that many people.

In relation to what dreams do to people involved in politics, law and the services or armed forces. A nightmare would be less of a challenge, as a point of reference I think a nightmare would be more productive for many people. Especially when they react with less sense of emotion. Sometimes perhaps the nightmare environment is where they best thrive. The world is looking for leaders, leaders have scientifically been shown to have phycological traits that to many see as a trail of violence, a history of harsh times in which we remember them by. Lawyers follow the law but also use tactics to make a point which some may see as below the belt of truth when actual fact they know and do the job well. In this example then the winning is the restoration of the dream. The amount of times awaking from a nightmare subsides, possibly it may even be the jump that speedily creates the mornings awakening. Imagine this waking up being told what to do. Is this something worth getting used too? Perhaps this is a reality you are in and making that transition retiring from the job into relaxing and trying to transform the brains patterns of nightmare to dreams. If you job is determined by faith then again this maybe a dichotomy you either have to dip your toes in the water or immerse yourself in the fountain of promising and perhaps enjoyable democracy. Enjoyable in the notion you contributed to the reality we all share unless possessed by some niggling thought or suggestion.

In relation to what you might be thinking when reading this article I would just take a lot of what I am saying about democracy with a good grain of sea salt. More so I would ask for your contributions here on dreams and realities, nightmares and the way a nightmare can determine success or so create confusion, is something you want to change about sleep patterns. You may have some experience in the roles available and how you successfully managed to help, or identify with behaviours that on face value seem strange, but in the grand scheme of things worked out overtime really well. If you are someone of faith and want to impart your understanding of democracy again I invite you to share your blurbs as I have shared here. If you are someone of emotion struggling to understand thoughts, dreams, nightmare, realities and democracies please subscribe to this blog because I am doing my best here and with good reason will research more for you over the next few weeks.

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