Politics? Or just a bit of fun.

What works in one country has not fully worked in another. The variables are endless too many to mention here. I would like to address some simple considerations in today’s entry and clear up a few things. Today I am making a quick stream of consciousness about democracy, I invite you to continue with the conversations below. So here goes with some thoughts about politics and other bits of fun in relation to democracy and other peaceful matters.

For some reason I make the connection between politics and democracy and hold local politicians directly responsible for peace in the valley, so does this reinforce the idea your vote matters? In a democratic context yes, every vote counts, but when the vote is based on your own suggestions around the time of voting the thread gets a lot thinner.

How is this sort of political area measured? Imagine the wheel and tape measure going around the field measuring the circumference. Land mass in a field does not change, so why measure the same data in the field. Now take a look at voting, you vote for someone of something at a local level, all the candidates at the local level come across as an unexpected surprise. Its difficult to make out any difference between candidates and ministers. The interesting thing is candidates have faith in themselves and imply on leaflets what they believe in. The beliefs are I hope based on a true representation of who they are.

There are local faces you should recognise passing you by on the high street where you live, so voting should be like a fancy dress contest, this is a peaceful way of looking at the ballet box. Voting is not just one vote though is it, there is a first second and third place. Each candidate already has a colour creating colour bias and draws upon the success of The popular contest Crufts.

If the eye is drawn to the colour blue, when the doorbell rings you could vote for the blue like you always do, same goes for red. Its easy to undermine the colour green but people by in large, moreso now like the colour green. The thing is you cannot measure enough information to make a decision best suiting your area simply by colour. Political campaigns gather momentum from feedback and financial contributions of donors. This week in the news there has been a lot of names mentioned of donations made to people. Which is not very nice, especially when like the vote donations are made anonymously.

Democracy needs some defining before I continue. I invite you to share knowledge on what you know about democracy below, I hope to follow up on this post and continue these thoughts shortly. As I say leave some leisurely thoughts below.


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