Democracy and Culture in 2015

Lots of interesting posts this week published by academic teachers.

They explore all the digital updates and explore some possible conversations for future awareness closer to a chosen topic.

Cultural studies is very popular and political studies is a great place to start an engaging conversation.

You can find these articles on Twitter and popular democracy websites. I definitely recommend reading and exploring.

The reality is always less of a reality than it actually is. That is why counter culture is there to challenge norms.

That is not to say the possible chance of these new rights and clauses are and to what extent to be exercised.

A growing Culture is the lifeblood of Democracy

We each share our developing talents. Its never been more easy to get noticed. Easy to get a collection of people to turn up offering what they have. People donate everyday, they already fit the criteria. The new people give room for others to have a rest. The conversation continues. The monitoring of all the vital signs support gets to share in the positive side of a countries culture. Democracy like the bank depends on these donations.

What On

Its always good to know what’s on.

You must know where to find out whats on.

Having a plan at least once in the week to go someplace will help you understand what is relevant in your own area.

You can then make a commitment to plan about how you can get to this conversation.

Whether you are going to the live theatre or watching a recorded show, the chances are you will receive relevant messages.

If you attend and watch lots of things at home and outside of the home, look at these current shows and try and figure out what the messages are. Some of them are formed out of genuine fears and others created to install happiness.

Its easy to understand why its good to take part in what’s on.

But there is a time in your life when you must always ask yourself whats really on?

Is it relative?

Are you in charge of your own choices.

Or perhaps a series of suggestions have influenced you and all the masses.

Subtle democracy or well intentional world peace. This is another decision that people decide.

For me the best thing I can do at least take a look, stay focused and reconnect with some goals.

I am liking sport more. I like the focus and repetition. I think most of do.

At some point in our lives we have experienced competitiveness. The closer it is to our own experience and culture the probable chance we have to relate.

Thanks for reading this update.

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