Politics, leadership and democracy

Anyone outside of working in politics does not have enough time to think for themselves. The leaders should be the ones to get the ball rolling. I agree in the voting system it’s just all the other uncomfortable changes that happen leading up to voting day.

When the holidays come it’s time to process change and quickly decide what your chosen party is saying. You have time to quickly see who are the leaders and get ideas from what they say. If you follow this you will not far go wrong.

So many of us understand the options now and enjoy looking at what it is people stand for. In a democratic country citizens grow up to learn the hierarchical opportunities. The community together reveal issues within the structuralism of each party.

Taking an active lead at a party is like challenging guests to a breakdancing competition. Even if you can dance it requires precision to win. To understand who the challengers are who might turn up to the party requires research. Watching videos of other breakers. Ideally like a couple of ice skaters you want to get behind the best composition. Timing is crucial if an all round 10 from judge’s is your countries goal.

It is good to be set in your ways because then it is easy to emulate what your leader is saying. You can find your own spin on the broad directive and influence others by anchoring yourself from instructive tweets.

On the other side democracy is a podium and what you see is what you get. Less chance here of noticing where people in these areas are coming from. Less organised voters, often confused at the party. They have questions, though when they put hands up to ask nobody notices and when they speak nothing really resonates.

Good news is nothing really happens until everyone have agreed what to do. Voters have a good experience in what to expect on the day of the vote.

Some even have a favourite booth to privately fill in bits of paper and tick relevant boxes. Some lucky voters do early via direct post or Internet submission.

I like the way the majority of voters spend most of the year residents here too.

Though waiting for the results is like watching paint dry.

And it’s good to not get to caught up in other people’s dance.

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