The ITV Leaders Debate

TV debates about UK politics.

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Ed Miliband yearned for a TV debate that would be his audition for the role of prime minister. As it turned out, sharing the stage with six others, he struggled even to be leader of the opposition. — Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Nicola Sturgeon was stellar, as ever: Leanne Wood good. Natalie Bennett was as amateurish as usual, but that won’t worry Greens. — Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

Never done before, seven party leaders.

If you missed the intro, you probably thought you’d landed upon yet another ghastly game show.

The two main parties Conservatives and Labour, the unprincipled LibDems who will get into bed with anyone, and and then the fringe parties, UKIP, Scottish National Party, the Welsh lot and the Green Party, though SNP and Green Party would probably argue with some justification that they are no longer fringe parties.

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