Where Does The Peace Sign Come From

Peace Pipe
Fine Art America – Geraldine Arata

Depending on where you live hand signals mean different things, equally as confusing peace means different things to different people. Around the world we see Democracy being introduced to remote areas of the world. Democracy has already made its mark on society. Generally From the white flag to the Mercedes Benz we all have an image of what peace means. For some its the pipe, for others its a candle. Some find peace in the magic carpet. Peace protection of world governments with nuclear weapons. Peace could be moving to Mars or joining the underwater world projects. Peace therefore is not just the comforts of home, but going outside the box. Getting out there, finding out what is going on. Watching from the sideline as peace comes out of unnecessary arguments. Staying out of harms way, becoming invisible, drawing a magical bullet proof vest around the body.

Everyone likes to feel safe. Feeling safe however is not all peace is thought to be.

CND signs are about peaceful protest and in the 20th century in India the world was reminded about how peaceful stands against an Empire can be effective. This sort of leadership however does not come without hostages. All those following Gandhi to the ocean were met with the same fists they cued up in single file to receive what can only be described as unknown/unwarranted abuse. The point is the world see’s that, the world see’s everything. Peace is more than just one man out in a storm in a boat all alone. Peace is a satellite, a microchip and other tools we claim in 21st century.

A smile is the beginning of peace.
– Mother Teresa

Seek Peace

It takes more than words to make or brake a moment of peace. You can create your own peace and if your intentions are genuine then the message you send out there should not disturb the undisturbed.

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