Stick with what works or make something new up

A compelling argument I know I know, there is much more to this than meets the eye. First we need to outline something then we can break it down into bitesize pieces and let’s face it folks not a lot of people are not going to even bother reading this.

Short and shrift with questions and answers at the end that is what people want you to write about. A broad spectrum you say, well I agree so let us have a sample of examples.

Financial equations seems to be the most convincing argument. If we all contribute to the topic at hand a complete variety of options will fill up inside the democratic salad bowl.

Numbers crunching is becoming more and more popular as more and more people make the same decisions. Right now global consciousness is at an all time high and spell checkers have never seen it so good. Grammatical changes are taking place that 40 years ago one could of even imagined, not in the mono sleep patterns we were having then.

Technology has become a beacon for all sorts of stuff. The answers are already being digitally processed. Everyone is self policing themselves. A lot of the tortures of the past like the rack or waterboarding say are being replaced by all sorts of weird frequencies. Punishment is being replaced by nightmares. But as the dreams dissapait even nightmares seem luxurious. The real uncomforts are homelessness, doing the dishes and looking after more than just ourselves.

We all master the arts at some point in our lives and then choose to spread our wings and engulf those around us showering them with pearls of wisdom and love. If you are protected from the false forms of ignorance you are in all instances outside the matrix dogma that technology brings. Though when transitions occur and you find yourself caught in a trap its difficult to a understand and b be understood.



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