Democratic voting, offshore banking and political finger pointing

Lets just take a step back for a while please, at a time when a lot of people are pointing fingers three things stand out right of the bat.s

People are people, banking is banking and politician’s, well they’re still politician’s. You see nothing has changed and the information you see before you is nothing new.

A lot of people want you to know about stuff, they don’t care what that stuff is. Often it starts of tit for tat; whilst one side of the fields a butterfly flaps it’s wings and on the other a buffalo storms a China shop. The spicy ingredients in all of this has always been (and rightly so) a propriety secret they don’t want you to know about.

The appetite for economic destruction all began thousands of years ago before the Levellers. Landowners working for the crown took it upon themselves to create a system worthy of any family. Built on a British framework with scaffolding laid out on a scale never seen before. This rental process eaten into allsorts of funds, leaving wayfaring workers out of pocket and at times left redundant because of mismanagement and compartmentalized argument’s on a scale never seen before.

Banks have shuffled around funds for years now and there has been a lot to learn from these once effective mechanisms. Organisations outside the usual framework have been on the sideboard waiting, anticipating and try a little to help to aristocracy save cash. It’s like any other business growing by referral. One man abuses the youthful idea, has a field day so invites all his mates and business associate’s to steam in and abuse the young. Politicians and bankers have worked on your high street hand in hand for years, outsourcing and countersigning allsorts of stuff.

This week Iceland Prime Minister did the honourable thing when the lipstick on his collar was revealed. They say in democracy anyone involved in politics has skeletons in their closet. At the drop of a hat this shit on shoes is used to control or bribe leaders into doing stuff they may not necessarily do.

The secret services banks offer is nothing to get aerated about especially offshore bank’s. These sorts of accounts are outside of the crowns jurisdiction. There is allsorts of media abuse going on right now. Big Brother is treating the world like its own sensational brothel. We are naturally suspecting allsorts of things based on the smallest things.

When you look closely this is what all the big sports cars, grand flats in Vauxhall, Chelsea are all about. You find an area, steam in there, trash the place, invite in a van load of squatters from Romania in to party and spray paint previous pillars of communities. Then the rebuilding process begins an outside investor in Saudi Arabia say wants to spend millions on new flats in areas where development is taking place. Before this road diggers from all around the world ( Bulgaria etc ) steam roll in, flattern and tarmac roads, close of traffic and purposely slow things down a bit. One man works whilst the rest at and their pointing fingers. His job is more important than her job, or that job costs less long term to justify than the alternative.

Fear tactics have been around a long long time and I do not for the foreseeable future see any justice in the world that can replace bigger problems of poverty, mismoney management and the banking systems.

Best thing to do is not get caught up in all the sensationalism. Also when leaks happen I do not get impressed. There is after all nothing glamorous about rats ratting on one another. Lets face folks we live in a world of sin, where people are sinning. Most people are walking on eggshells and have had it hard one way or another so if none of the tabloid news directly affects you or your family in someway I really would not be to concerned with whats that all about.

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