Getting Behind One Currency

It’s easier said than done. Making one currency for such a large area is a fairy tale, born out of wedlock, made for the banks to clear up the mess made in the swinging twenties and 1930’s.

The great depression in the American dust bowl makes today’s poverty stricken Europe look like nothing unusual.

Democracy has been given countries a whipping. Someone counts the strokes, people do anything for the old folks. Each country has it’s own variation of the new camps, workhouses, credits and food banks.

The role call requires attention and there is no escaping all the fun of the fair. And on the carousel the boy smiles for the camera. And the privilege of choosing the same amount of men to go down to the shower pit and it’s wailing walls.

As the price of gas goes up and up like a rusty truck. We watch upon as the price of oil plummets. It’s little wonder people believe they are some superhuman race. Bullet dodgers. Dodgem cars stuck in reverse.

Electric ladders stand together climbing up to Egypt. Other countries join the processional.

A collection bowl is sent around with promises of

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