End of Changes you had your Quota

This week in the UK news we seen Politicians get together and talk about democracy. Questions were asked by Americans here in London about this weeks news and current affairs. Inbetween time we seen Instagram images of Rolls Royces and Land Rovers. If this were America they may have drove a Breama, Cadillac or perhaps a remodelled Jalopy.

At the end of the road regardless of the vehicle you drive or the fuel it uses there has always been road tolls. Being part of a posh club for the privileged a lot of the usual road rage has been brushed aside. It’s amazing what €30,000,000 can buy in Europe. And it goes a long way, or it has gone a long way. Hopefully in June these societies that Obama talks about will open up to the world about the privileges of being members.

Each society has it’s own favourites and early initiates have to fullfill promises. Its a bit like a coven ant. Like insects people swarm towards unity attracted by the glow of trans atlantic cruises, get togethers and all sorts of knees up. Each penny made is doubled by new schemes and like pyramid schemes the higher you go up the rug of the ladder the more you see why these sort of secret handshakes and paying of monthly dues pays in dividends.

The problem has always been when the whole system falls apart, your left with martyrs and cynics. People who bloom from the new information financially now sit on the edge whinging whilst pointing the middle finger at the head ponchos. That’s a little bit about how this Transdermal Express goes, you scratch and massage my back with Vics and I scratch yours. The problem seems to be the higher you reach up the chain the closer you get to the balcot. The common people have to suffer old entertainment as oldish artists enjoy royalties for the rest of their often short lived lives.

Everyone loves the great entertainer and Rocky robin. But a lot of these cool songs are created or fuelled by drugs and alcohol. Its nothing new and without it we would not be in the place we are today. Today’s beats and melodies like politics, democracy, global trading negotiations and ritual day to night activities mean we are all at somepoint connected to the hips by chains and nose rings. The powers that be wave open arms again and again to there leaders before the inverted black cross of change.

Without democracy however we lose the hope of peace. In a world built on Eygptian ideals we see the same religions and faiths hybridising texts. They each share the same story about the baby and the bath water. The jackal beast and blonde haired blue eyed butter wouldn’t melt mommy. The Scarlett Witch story passing around a cursed stik. When the stick breaks the fear and allusions show themselves and dissapear. Is then the European union some coven or secret skull n bones society? Hardly. That said I am a big fan of the old colloquial ‘ mutton dressed as lamb theory’. Waste not want not.


Seriously though and to rap this up, we see from history war’s are frightful, expensive and leave scars that last for year’s to the dead n buried and the ones who remain to pass on these stories. We all know how media effects create bias. In war we see limbs but in media we get to hear about the reasoning. If you have ever been between two people fighting you know how hard this sort of peace keeping has been.

robbwindowAnd at the forefront of all these bowl movements is Germany with its cleverly pickled naturally jar of salted cabbage (sauerkraut), crusty hot dog rolls with holes burned in the middle just the right size for a giant sausage. As more and more single moms move into the brothel world, we see the European arena shake its booties on an ever rising pole to the heavens like they do in the Jack n the Beanstalk story.


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