The Brexit Arguement For And Against

As we seemingly head for a Brexit what is the future for politics in the United Kingdom?

Is Labour under Corbyn really able to parlay extreme left-wing politics in to pragmatism?

Furthermore, is politics in the United Kingdom really able to withstand the financial implications of a Brexit?

These are questions that must be addressed if there is to be any parity in the United Kingdom’s position globally.

A complete change in attitude is required; are we really to remain at the beck-and-call of an unelected Euro bureaucracy or do we have the power to rest back control of our Borders?

These questions will be answered in the coming months.

Is Brexit a True Exit?

The arguments for  #Brexit often seem persuasive; greater control of the United Kingdom’s Borders, Sovereignty. a break from EU bureaucracy and corruption.

Being on-the-fence, whilst easy at the early stages of the debate, seems increasingly cowardly, not to mention redundant, the closer the Referendum gets.

An objective of critical thinking is to develop techniques that allow men and women to appreciate that hot-button issues such as immigration are more than simply hollow buzz-words.

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