Politics in Britain 2017

Britain is under a wave of fake news and a reshuffle of power. We are expecting older measures to resurface politically. Withthat said lets take a look at some supportive leadership groups in Britain to highlight issues sprouting up in 2017.

Brexit is a big issue right now. The EU are currently earmarking phamacuetical agencies to slow the process down. This is causing anxiety within the government. The strain on the NHS is a focus in Britian, we are doing our best to improve services, continue providing for all in a balanced way. Measures have been put into place to ensure elderly have a place safe to enjoy themselves. Fear is always applied in areas of importance. That fact is there is a variety of pharmacuetical free trade contracts available and other options outside of the EU bundle.

Washington currently has egg on it’s face thanks to the Supreme court. They turned down something President a
Potus Donald Trump applied for.

Medecine representatives from America are here in UK looking to broker various deals here in Britain because we have decided via a vote to leave The European Union.

For many local shops have already closed down. Importing from outside EU comes with a heavy inspection fee.

Politicians are focusing on educating children and adults alike in the hope perhaps someone will be able to make everything better again.

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