TAR by Wydham Lewis is an Anagram

Source: TAR by Wyndham Lewis is an Anagram

Wyndham Lewis mixed art and writing together. What made him so unique to government was the way he challenged rules.

Art at that time was methodical and a growing commodity. Today the rich art owners out of paranoia keep them in vaults and containers. This is because original copies are rare and expensive.
Writing was at its peek and pencil manuscripts were fashionable. Lewis liked his mole skin books to write and draw. As a follower of fashion his unique contributions caught attention of academic poets and writers in this country.

T S Eliot was one of these well respected poets of London and he was blown away by books like TAR and Blast.Poetry those days were very important for various reasons, mainly in the currency of art.

Art has also be linked with humanism. In the humanities departments both literature, architecture and mathematics are crucial to qualifying a place in society. Working alongside paid officials. Artists like Wyndham Lewis and T S Eliot would have earned there place through publications. Artists are often commissioned to do stuff.

Musicians and record companies go through similar deals, these also include royalties. Unlike poets who’s wider profits from creativity was merely from sales and value rendered.Modernism, modernity and post modernism are cultural studies terminology made more popular through the need for media studies.

Leaders can go into companies and with knowledge they have of companies and speak to them like Frederick Nitsche may have done. The criticism they provide is highly sort after.

In the early 20th century entertainment was live or in a book. Theatre was at a all time high. Attendance and the narratives like today draw from current updates of theory and creativity. But the main stay economically is the production, advertising and reach of let us say packets of information.

Birds of a feather, flock together and once we know their rhetorical stance we can make certain popular assumptions about things. This proved problematic for Wyndham Lewis because he spoke about everything.

When disonance across borders happen during times of trouble international publications and telegraph messages at that time were modern modes of communicating. Now we have Skype, Facetime and Snapchat.

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