Votes Count & Make Prizes

If points make prizes and votes make us wisest then how do we make each one count?

We make them count and recount then knowbody should be able to discount what each other say sometimes, but they still do.

On the day of voting we each get given our own card with a map on it, which is a bit of a smoke screen compared to the paper we receive on arrival. And we are presented with options that confuse our decisions. As quick as you walked in should perhaps be the same speed as when you’ll walk out. We vote for prize winners who sprout up out of thin air, who have bright Rosetta colours upon their lapels. Like turtles you very rarely see their face. The black voting box may as well be as clear as a Bingo rotary box, whoever wins takes all for at least a year before any questions.

Voting deserves a round of applause and once you start rest assured the people behind you will too. Some have prams or trolleys, others come all blue suited with brollies. But everyone should have gotten the same memo. Once we’re told to do something, it’s actually quite conclusive the outcome. As decent member’s of our own society we usually do as we’re told but a percentage of us bawk at being told what to do.

The most influential followers of politics wear t-shirts with influential slogans written on them so simply they look a right pudding. You can include this in your reading list. And in the booths we worry about someone copying our voting ballets or look down in despair at decisions other people are about to make. So remember if you cannot make it we understand. Voting has dangers of repeating itself and the more you visit, the more danger there is of getting effected by what can only be described as groundhog day.


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