UK Democracy House Commons Lords

You know your in the House of Lords when you see red leather seats.

The House of Commons has green leather seats.

Although both seats are made of similar upholstery they seat two different types of people.

Many people ask me what is democracy and how do things operate here in the United Kingdom?

The answers are a lot simpler that most people think. Democracy is a Greek notion from free thinking movements.

Without Democracy people think religious dictators would rule over the country.

How we differ here in the UK is we have politicians, outside advisors (Lords) and over arching this is our Royal Family (The Monarchs).

Democracy gives residents of our country the ability to vote for politicians who will mostly speak and give information to help the country as representives from areas in which they were elected.

Everybody knows Big Ben opposite Westminster Cathedral, it’s a very popular site for postcard images, tourists like to take snapshots of it and journalists do live reports outside the area with Ben the familiar clock face in the background.

Visitor’s to Britain very rarely get to see the insides of The Houses of Parliament in Westminster. They can however watch most discussions live recorded on satellite TV. The Houses have live broadcasts so locals can watch their elected ministers bring proposals to the chair speaker.

Currently Teressa May is Prime Minister and she has stepped in after David Cameron had his early political retirement. She is outnumbered by many men, but is not the first PM to fill in when a Prime Minister throw’s the towel in.

We live in strange times and as we mentioned earlier the pressure comes from one world currencies.

Most democracy’s are funded by tax levied by government distributed by the people. People still use this type of authority to compliment the need for roles in society.

Laws get passed which helps British Courts uphold laws when any challenges arise. Conscientious objectors have been caught in a loop unable to challenge these changes.

Government consists of various forces to maintain order and quash chaos: Firemen, Police Constables, Nurses at the NHS, town hall representatives, housing and security.

Many of the governments organisations assign consultant’s to do the job for them. Police uphold the law but have always hired the help of detectives like Sherlock Holmes to solve cases.

In all these areas of democracy things get put on the shelves. Cut back’s mean less people know what they are doing, the solution of compartmentalization meant expert’s had to unlearn some practical skills to make way for other experts.

The problem with having departments is you have more leaders who never reach full control. The great thing about Democracy is that we have freedom of speech on Sunday’s in place’s like speakers corner.

Speakers Corner is unique to the UK and there are numerous other hotspots where you can stand on a crate, perhaps somewhere on the High Street somewhere near a library where you can air your own truth freely.

With democracy came political (French Term) protest marches. Every four years people get to vote for the countries leader. Leaders get paid a nominal salary but have access to an equal amount of perks. For example chauffeur, international relationships are made which usually lead onto greater things after the four years are up. Many negotiations around trade happen with men. The great thing is Germany has a woman leader too.

Angela Merkel and Theressa May will be able to talk to one another about the European Union. Both women have already proved themselves in their abilities to interact with male leaders and dictators outside the scope of democracy.

The House of Lords is a place like a court room where men where women’s old woollen wigs. The old tradition’s allows these mostly old folk with Blue Blood to have their say in London. They are considered experts in their field, many scientists outside the realms of any particular religion. They are sworn in members of the crown, many of whom have been knighted for their contributions.

Entertainer’s over the years have received similar privileges. House’s of Parliament is open to the public and more underage voters have been let in than any other time in history. The hope is the legacy of democracy lives on in the hearts and minds of youth.

In June 2017 you can vote Conservative, Labour, Green Party, Humanism or Socialism, BNP crop up along with recently Conservatively fractioned off party UKIP starring EU British representative Nigel Farage.

Residents have each been given cards then posted step by step maps to make sure you don’t get lost on registry day.

Much of the proceedings will be in the tradition of HG Wells be broadcast live alongside the most recent episodes of celebrity big brother.
house of commons

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