Strong statements coming from either side of the coin

  • Left and Right are always arguing.
  • From top down to bottom up disagreements occur.
  • Views are always flipping into something different.
  • How we all see the bigger picture differs depending on our environment.
  • It takes a certain skills set to flip with certainty about the outcome.

Every time someone makes a decision with the direct help of a flipped coin someone is bound to get hurt. In October the British one pound coin will become obsolete. Replacing the old one pound coin is the new octagonal rounded 100 pence coin.

Flipping coins was once as popular as riding a bike. People used to flip coins like they’d ride their penny farthings. Riding a big wheel had as much safety certainty as I bet you’ve had hot dinners. The sound of a spinning coin on a foldable table used to be music to some and a distraction to others, more so than a squeaky wheel even. The result of which would land yourself committing to something you would never have committed to in the first place. Flipping coins however can be very accurate. The odds are 50/50 however over a series of tries you have an overarching pattern. The Chinese use the coin for divination and they call that ‘I ching’. In Africa they roll ivory and bones to find out what goes where or another name for this is a popular game Dominoes’. Here in Britain we have always flipped a coin and referees still do it to determine who kicks off first in a game of good old soccer. You see grocers flipping coins and even closer to home in the car park: frowning faces as new coins don’t yet fit into old school parking metres. There’s always someone winging. You’d think in 2017 we would have come up with accurate ways of making good decisions.

Since the beginning of time man has wanted to know the best recipe for baking bread. We all have doughy war stories. Out there in the trenches, folding dough, waiting to make ends meet in the hope something smelling nice and fresh will jump out the oven onto a big wooden chopping board.

Nowadays we have things like pulled pork to put on top of our burgers. What I mean is its easy to get bogged down with questions. Like the Dice Man we could be rolling around for hours trying to make decisions. And still get bloody no where.

Look at the Euro for instance. Printing more money gives off the illusion the currency is solid as sterling and more honest than a one dollar bill, when in actual fact its quite the opposite. As Newton coined a phrase: “What goes up, must come down!”. In Britain some good sport wrote a story about an egg man on a wall who was eventually coaxed down by soldiers who sang ” When they were up, they were up and when they were down they were down…”. This made Humpty break into little pieces. Perhaps this is why we roll eggs down grass hills at Easter. Some sort of early British divination annual breakfast ritual, who knows!

In democracy people talk about this and that too. Problems arise though when people read into things to much.

Its easy to take a stance you’ve always had to take. Or stay on the fence for years and years of which side you are on. And taking things literally as you swear on gospels. Is been around for as long as men or women have crushed botanical flowers and used them as special bookmarks. Water margins you’ve only seen on ripping neck ties. Take me for example I still trying to figure out who’s cooler; the women burned at the steak for what they believed in, or the Witchfinder General who makes the decisions about burning people. Hammerhouse Horror films as I remember always made big coin. The ferryman needs coins to place over your eyes. Some seen these as the origin of penny specks or John Lennon airport. You can easily see how even I can get confused.

So what is good protocol when rolling out the barrel of discontent?

Who knows if anyone is any the wiser, coin or no coin, euro vision or honest one cotton eyed dollar. The internet seems to have a mind of its own and at its core is a crust as big as Belgium.

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