American Gun Culture

Silly picture of Amero

Weapons have helped since the stone age. American gun culture therefore is nothing surprising even though the rest of the world has not caught on.

Since man has crushed grapes, men have took pride in hand held devices to help them protect the nest. Giant cavemen built buildings hundreds and thousands of years ago with big boulders in Malta.

Civil War in America and American Independence Day are a strong factor in supporting registered guns for normal citizen’s. Cowboy film’s for years have promoted gunslinging Maverick’s in bar’s, toys like tin can alley have reinforced these hand held gadgets.

China shows how the declining dynasties of ninjas happened thanks to guns, cannons and other refined spirits. Technology is getting a lot of flack lately from culture’s like Mongolian.

Las Vegas incident recently reinforces a man’s argument of legally carrying guns. Clearly anyone with a gun license should be monitored. They already have monitored vehicles. Now’s the chance at least to make tracking weapons.

Weapons breed psychopath’some behaviours. Buying a weapon from the shop’s I am sure is half the fun of the fair. And it’s only a matter of time before people start lining up their sights on human targets.

In Europe guns are used to hunt wild bores, whilst in America the wild mushroom and vegetable trade expands. Exporting and importing has changed the way other culture’s look at each other. Skilled worker’s can easily acquire green cards, then go out and order expensive over the counter guns. This sort of escapism is not reserved via gamestations, yet you can track the trail.

Movie’s like The Deer Stalker made rifles and hunting with weapons very popular. Women are said to feel more secure with a hand held gun wedged in a bag next to the make up kit. In film’s we grow used to seeing more violence on the big screen, on the street it just makes it seem more real.

More real in face to face reality is processed in various ways depending on what time of day it is, how close it is to slowing down public transport and who makes statements anymore as the clog themselves up with paperwork.

When man protests against groups of people a tit-for-tat mentality begins to blossom. And graduates take pride in paying to learn simple things like which trigger and arm to pull. Culturally outsiders have leaped on the secret messages hidden within America’s olden oath of allegiance.

Rap culture has created this need to have a basic story of growing up during hard times. It’s either that, caps or sneakers. Words are very powerful, once you get all the ingredients, Fed a man with mind control snappy ads, he’s bound to go out and do something stupid.

American Gun culture should therefore be stamped out in all 50 US states. It will take time to weed out all the guns. The force need protecting, people in homes want that little extra protection and now some men demand all sorts from women. Is sad really, the way society is going. I am Fed up of culture, these shootings need to stop and the easiest way to solve it is confiscate everybody’s bag of sweets so as no more terrorism happens.

The real issue is always supply and demand. If there is a market for something, somebody will be selling it. The licence to sell weapons would only go underground like the coffee shops in Amsterdam.


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