A Modern Day Anthropologist Working The Online Trenches

Writing these days is like Greek or Latin. Some get it sooner than later depending on how it’s working out for you. In most cases it never works out as well as originally planned. The plan is as simple as waving a flag and to then expect winning results. Only a fool would believe such nonsense.

We start out life thinking everything will just happen at the click of a button, without any real focus. We walk into a room, flick on a switch to only find somebody else had already turned on the light of day. And now we feel like it’s us who flicked on the darkness. Equally the written word has been relegated below the image. Video has muscled in and presentations have squeezed the life out of time.

Product worshipping has replaced the need for seasons. The glass dome we live in is a giant sun room that looks like a golf ball. You can brush and polish it all you like but it won’t always yield a ‘eagle’ hole in one.

To the outside world writing seems like a boil or rash. I often get comments like how would you like to pay for some SEO. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram, never “How’s your father?”. Luckily there are still avid readers who still enjoy real cream profiteroles.

Blogging is a great way to document thoughts. You can look around all you like, follow everyone and anyone. But actually spotting talent and tracking them down is like talking Greek. It won’t be long before you’ll have them all crashing on your sofa. Most blogs are just wet beds. It’s easy to just ‘dip your toe into things’ or ‘bang in a few clichés here and there’ but actually squeezing out substance, rythmn and reason seems a whole other ball game. Is just great to have a place to kick the ball into a brick wall as hard as possible.

So is blogging a game, or is it more like a voluntary soup kitchen? We stand around ladling bowls of soup and stuffing passers by with crusty bread and butter all day. To only one day realise asperations are like ships in the night. You are attracting the rich and famous. The people who need your skills are out there dating your next girlfriend. It’s like one day that revelation reveals itself as plain as the pimple on the end of your nose. The secret is they do get behind you you only have to resume the position and simply ask. Sad really how most folks at some point made themselves recieve that sort of punishment. These sort of blocks keep people back from commenting on anything outside of their own world of problems.

Most of societies problems are amplified in solo fake news. This promoted belief is done through making readers believe they are the only ones reading things. These readers feel lonely and unique, like it’s only themselves that share each others experiences. It used to be the other way around. If you wanted someone to share your blurbs you do certain things. Techniques that make themselves different and unique. It’s this pressure that gets the heard commenting. It’s the same people who look back at other people and say ‘Jesus, I so proud of you!’. Yet all they see of themselves is the leaky cracks in their world. The mess starts within which is why we all experience guilt. This sort of guilt is rediculous, false and serves nobody.

And the hobbyhorse. We think it’s fine being left in the Postman Pat red car rocking with a collection of coins in the metre, whilst leaders and guardians go about their business in the busy shopping mall. They hang their friends out to dry like hats on a stand. So its ok to throw a ball of paper again into that little paper basket far, far away? No it isn’t and neither should you feel like a screwed up piece of paper. You see we have made this world a world of editors. Society is filled with a world of invisible criques whom rather than show themselves, they just keep on churning out the same crap.

Take photojournalists for example. You see maybe one picture of themselves in the avatar of themselves hiding behind a lens. This naturally attracts other photographers who have avatars of themselves hiding behind a lens. Its like the happy lens club. Stuff them and there silly lens avatars. If they have problems reading and writing the that’s just the way it is and those things will never change. And music fans. They listen, they learn but have lost that needed outlet of karaoke so instead they go out in the world, singing other peoples songs and expect to get paid for it, potty training comes to mind. I’m a big boy now. Its wiping time. Ben becomes the big monster gloating in the pool. The Mars or Snickers. The photographers Hoola Hoop face in a ball of fire. The literature on the lavatory wall saying call me you sissi.

Most people understandably don’t even read it. My hope is a world of more people busy writing instead of just pressing buttons thinking the rest of the world will clap at the top five names on the Pheonix, Mr Do! High score.

The Division Bell, High Hopes, The 5th Wave And Other Video’s

We all have such high hopes and standards about entertainment video’s and The 5th Wave for me was no exception. It reminded me of Pink Floyd’s Division Bell music video you can listen and watch below.

The 5th Wave is a new film out about the occupation of earth by a race known only as The Others. They came from space in a flying disc shaped space craft and over a short period of time attack the people of earth in waves.

When you watch Pink Floyd’s High Hopes video you can see similar cinematic features in The 5th Wave. The Teddy Bear and wheels both are included in the movie and the official music video. Why is this do you think?

In a classic alien film They Live we are introduced to special glasses that see the world the way it really is and the 5th Wave taps into this too. With every new film out of the same genre there is some sort of homage happening. Out of respect perhaps?

Equally object’s like the bear and wheel has symbolism hinting similar expectations and representations. The wheel is powerful symbol to adults and children as is the Teddy Bear. One is about power and the other is about coming of age. This sort of framing objects is used regularly in motion pictures.

The balloons half filled with helium also means something. The Pink Floyd video focuses on these balloons, the balloons have symbols on them, the same symbols used on PSY Op cards. These cards are like the one’s we see used to test psychic soldier’s in the film and book The Men Who Stare At Goats.

The balloons float but do not float away, they just merrily bounce down the conclave corridors. These balloons were sold for profit and did so by using less costly helium. The floating when attached with high hopes also gives clear messages about other lotherius methods used to make money out of the youth generation.

The bell is replaced by the cross. One is much heavier than the other. The bell makes a sound, the cross is wood, agar wood is known as the scent from heaven. The bell ringer Quazimodo also gave rise to the cinema. The Spanish gypsies made him the King Joker for being the ugliest man in the village and crowned him as such in front of the church gates.

The politics still exists in everything relative to the time of its initial release. Chancers who use the human resources available on the planet at any given time. We are brought up to respect our elected leaders. As indeed we are given two sides of the coin to flip.

However everything is not as simple as that. Binary opposites only create more confusion. The global consciousness is already decided according to those of any real influence. The Media splash out regardless of all the recession proofing spoke about all these years.

The division’s only weighs heavier if we allow it. Like Aristotle was were all given the same choice, carry on carrying on and pay the price or accept the lifeline when offered out to you. Why is there only 2 options do you think?


Democracy and healthy world peace: John Pilger

This video introduces Mr Pilger’s work and why he chose this type of research.


As a continuation of the post after this one more video’s from John Pilger they include include

Obama Marketing Misconceptions.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 1 of 5

This video introduces Mr Pilger’s work and why he chose this type of research.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 2 of 5

This second clip includes an excerpt from John’s documentary stealing a nation.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 3 of 5

John Pilger is questioned about Islanders in the Empire and how Tony Blaire had to deal with this type of situation within the British Empire that was part of the Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez questions.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 4 of 5

Vociferous groups that support Israel have been intimidating British Intelligence. ‘Freedom Next Time’ and the ‘War on Democracy’ is highlighted in this clip to demonstrate this point. Both shows again were produced by John Pilger. The clip of ‘War on Democracy’ uses the Hugo Chavez example to show how cu’s in countries can intervene in Polatics.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 5 of 5

Bread and the Great depression

Tips on How to Make Secret Recipe: Pineapple Sweet Bread
Pineapple sweet bread is by far the most yummy bread on the market today. You can buy it in London and I assumed it was an african style bread but sources suggest that Pineapple sweet bread is actually a Turkish recipe.

Loosing hope.

Well I guess without another person knowing the truth, the truth is not at all valid, to Avant garde perhaps.

Truth is often difficult to understand, and the fact is I admittedly said the truth was what I sort but why does this process have to be so complicated. Hypothetically speaking the truth coming from the horses mouth is difficult to cultivate if one cannot process the information in a logical provable format. I argue that some of this data springs out at the right time, however the truth is it has to be repetitive, logical and linking to simple provable events (usually reported by some media) the verify the truth from the one you trust who you originally approached about knowing. Why is it we live in an age of second and third opinions. Well I guess without another person knowing the truth, the truth is not at all valid, to Avant garde perhaps. Ahead of the days especially if that news is scare mongering before it’s time. For example, lets say you read in a blog or a forum something about the future, however until you actually new the bigger picture and the knowledge of future histories does the truth make sense. And who’s to say what that bigger picture is. The present could all also be not true, especially when know-body is claiming to know the truth. It’s times like this that people turn to spiritual enlightenment to increase the perceptions of what is right. However in-between these intervals the head can slate these negative moments.

Education is historically correct if somewhat out of date a couple of years, however during the term is seems like the course is following current trends, however to get the points that clearly explain the truth (Other recognised truths) you must consult old books, sometimes a year often 20 years but more often than not new books regurgitating old news. People magically are still raving on about Aristotle, consulting other Greek imperial data, as they think about the popularity of it’s poetry. This creativity is overshadowing the points required for academia. A good analogy is constructed upon the fact that the creativity of writing is totally different to constructing a similar layout of writing an essay, or following the format of a report, citing and concluding the same analogies of everybody else who is bound to pass. Gaining results from the truth is only relevant if you act upon the truth which is soon to be lost in historical archives. What I’m expecting I guess is the truth is something that can be used to create a good change. Symbolically though this change and transference of information has be egotistical if you did not actually experience these hunches, your just following other peoples hunches. I guess this is what separates the winners from the passive audience. I could blame the TV, but I won’t. I could blame my many e-mails from Twitter (find me on robbwindow ) just as I could blame the cupboards for not refilling it’s self with food. But what’s missing is that innate desire to feed the brain.

Water and thirst is a good way of transforming this thirst for knowledge (that leeks a little truth) however the beware of the brains white washing effect. Brain retention could be innate just as it can be damaged by not absorbing the right vits and minerals.


Peace and the world structure

The binary opposite of Culture is economy. But what has been revealed through the scrutiny of the banks and the realisation of Banks being the important part of society we see information being the key currency.

Recently there has been a great big challenge on the society that forged the concepts of democracy. Some of these geopolitical notions have been forged by the locals of the U.S.A. Ironically the culture of this country is relatively small according to the time-span of Egypt or the Romans however the art has considerably moved from all over the globe to the American land. Take for example London Bridge. Dismantled then re-erected in the US.

The relationship with the U.K. and the USA has always been strong ever since the lamenting of the independence. The binary opposite of Culture is economy. But what has been revealed through the scrutiny of the banks and the realisation of Banks being the important part of society we see information being the key currency. However without the banks infrastructure the banks cannot generate this commodity.

For example is we in Britain need oil or some other commodity we can trade our knowledge.

Administration skills have shown to improve the finances of countries. However debt is a key principle in this relationship. I am guessing this reinforced the liquidity of information.

Art is information and we interpret this in many different ways but eventually when the effects become popular and the statistical data supports this then we can trade this format to other similar cultural environments. This forges relationships between Liberal minded people all over the planet.

The education available is so powerful it has unfortunately one side affect.

That is the cashless society we now live in.

This principle operates on many levels one of which that I’d like to highlight is the effect on the industry.

E-books being distributed freely are being sold for subscription as am sure your aware we live in a cashless society, that is everything seems to be free.

The modes of address have shifted and the problem of the maths and spaces to transfer data have increased. The www2 is already in place and the possibilities are endless. Politically it was inevitable when the government announced it’s proposals for ID  cards.

By rounding up all the information consumerism will not only change your freedom of choice but literally replace thoughts, leaving you to concentrate on things like leisure time, games and entertainment (Culture).

Supportively we’ve spent the past 40 years academically in a world where the leading minds have defined the word culture. Economically this created an explosion of entertainment. But too much of anything has confused the brains of middle class society. We live in a tolerable society, with dances to show our appreciation of anything, labels have commonalities and leisure has been packaged in many different packages. I just hope you can all continue to pay for these disposable products.

Waste is another factor of culture, were running out of room for antiques and the i-sores of history are being passed on geographically. We are now dumping rubbish in the remotest of areas.

In conclusion is democracy is an affordable principle? If America can still afford to carry the Democratic banner then what can it do to police this situation fairly. If they cannot afford this luxury who can? Finally world peace is only fair by inclusion of major representatives (some of which becomes lost in translation within the syntax of English) however what are we doing to educate these new thriving cities that are rapidly rising above the figures of debt. Mass producing for humans who can afford to use these disposable products in the name of fashion.

Christopher Story:

The European Union is a strategic deception operation. Masquerading as a means of institutionalising ‘cooperation’, it has been more accurately described by the cynical former President Mikhail Gorbachev as ‘the new European Soviet’. Far from primarily representing a vehicle for furthering the various interests of its members, the European Union is in reality a Political Collective — modelled along classically Leninist lines.

Its Member States have collectivised most of their interests in perpetuity — a collective act of revolutionary madness, since the EU’s real purpose is to strip European countries of their residual political, social and economic independence and sovereignty, and to control and absorb them within itself. It is indeed ‘the enemy of its Member States’. The time has long since come for exposure of this corrupt collectivist geopolitical menace, and Christopher Story’s book does just that.

The Perestroika Deception & The European Union Collective.

The European Union is a strategic deception operation. Masquerading as a means of institutionalising ‘cooperation’, it has been more accurately described by the cynical former President Mikhail Gorbachev as ‘the new European Soviet’. Far from primarily representing a vehicle for furthering the various interests of its members, the European Union is in reality a Political Collective — modelled along classically Leninist lines.

Its Member States have collectivised most of their interests in perpetuity — a collective act of revolutionary madness, since the EU’s real purpose is to strip European countries of their residual political, social and economic independence and sovereignty, and to control and absorb them within itself. It is indeed ‘the enemy of its Member States’. The time has long since come for exposure of this corrupt collectivist geopolitical menace, and Christopher Story’s book does just that.




Nuts for men Heat for women

In this essay I will look at two British magazines. I have examined ownership and the audience (the readers), advertisements, prices and list the magazines contents briefly. Additionally this essay applies topical data from listed readings within the History of Media some further reading was required. Both magazines consist of photographs and text but sections of the magazines differ I have analysed some of these.

‘Nuts’ is a male magazine, ‘Heat’ is a female gossip magazine and both magazines are published weekly for the UK and Spain.

Firstly I will explain ‘Nuts’. ‘Nuts’ is a humorous soft porn style targeted at anything between 16-30+ readership audience. ‘Nuts’ uses soft sexual images for an affect and later within this essay I will use Hall (1997) to understand this representation.

Also within the pages there are some titillation gags to impress the male readers and amongst other articles it consistently has football jokes that penalise successful sport players within the body of the football reports that give inside links into the personal pages of My-space address’s of these footballers.

‘Nuts’ is owned by Time Warner presently and the editors and writers are predominantly male (Nuts, 2007: 88) 67 members employed as editors, advertisement sections, sales, marketing, researchers and writers. However Time Warner’s vertical integration ties the company as merely a guild or guardian with ‘Nuts’ interest.

The three companies below ‘Time Warner’s’ are ‘Graphics London’ (Graphics), ‘Polestar’ (Printing) and finally ‘Market force’ (Distribution).

‘Heat’ magazine seems to be targeted at women only, and is a celebrity gossip tabloid magazine that also targets teenagers to anything over thirty years of age. ‘Heat’ however uses fashion, celebrities and cosmetics to glamorise the pages and the stories covered. They support these suggestions of what to wear and how to smell by allocating one third of the magazine for purely advertisements. Supporting these adverts is occasionally even within their own writers’ research pages. ‘Heat’ is owned by Mercury Airfreight International (Based in New Jersey) and ‘Heat’ employ’s 70 staff.

‘Heat’ is 140 pages long. 50 pages are purely advertisements (including the writers research of price tags and name brands). It’s adverts’ consist of from front to back: Banks, perfumes or fragrances, mobile phones, hair products, alcohol, stationary, toiletries, new cinema releases, furniture, video games, DVD’s, CD’s, cordials, fabric softener, Anne Summers lingerie, contact lenses and finally  graphics and animations for phones paid for by downloading via text messaging.

From this analyse of the advertisements there seems to be a suggestion through using fashion, cosmetics and celebrities or young attractive models an attempt to glamorise the covers within the pages. Supportively this was mentioned in the ‘The Printing Press as an Agent of Change’ core reading: It depicts young perfectly shaped women dressed glamorously (Rose, 2001:89), supported by (E.L Eisenstein,1979, 66-67) [1]

1. “The printed book will destroy the building”. 2. “Crowded with images” 3. Simplicity of operation was not a factor of prime importance (see footnotes).

‘Nuts’ is 116 paged omnibus (cheap publication) that only costs £1.40 ( €2.95 ), 23 of these pages are adverts and 47 depict explicit pictures of women naked or topless (not obscene by today’s standards) 10 pages are football and sports statistics. 5 pages contain gadgets and motor vehicles and only a couple of pages for Big Brother (the television show).

15 of these pages are the TV’s weekly guide.

Of the 23 pages of adverts from back to front there is; hair gel, mobile pictures of topless women, then other mobile phone ‘synergy’ or cross marketing (Benshoff & Griffin, 2004: 46)

They include clothes, trainers, dating sites, video games (mainly for the phones), music, fashion, fantasy football, football tickets, a home office warning then a ten page spread of the new ‘Simpson’s’ cartoon movie.

Both magazines offer ideologies or encoding that entice going out, consuming products but generally attempt to make an appreciation of the opposite sex. Stuart Hall spoke about this:

This encoding could incite lustful thoughts (S. Hall, 2001). Supportively the anchoring of shared association between these two magazines differs in that Nuts humours men about men that should be out meeting women and Heat flirts with women about successful women that also conspires women to go out and impress men by getting noticed.

Ironically both magazines cover TV coverage that I find a paradox between going out and staying in. Additionally most of this magazine touches upon Big Brother contestants old and new a prime example of watching or voyeurism (Barthes, 1957: Mythologies).

However a gendered debate between the audience or readers of ‘Nuts’ is far more simple than the ladies ‘Heat’ because ‘Heat’ is far less explicit.

‘Nuts’ within the text sometimes uses arbitrary statements after all in sociological terms the relationship between the reader and business is always arbitrary.

For example within it’s title page 18 below the Main page heading Weird stuff it has highlighted in yellow (with black coloured Tahoma font) “A normality-free zone” a hyphen that seems to connect an unusual coupling of words.

But more importantly with regards to the arbitrariness of English language this is not slang neither does it have much to do with what’s normal. However the picture of the giant rubber duck and to the right of this ‘The Vegetable Orchestra’ support this unusual heading; but also give a tame incite to support affectively the slipperiness of ‘Nuts’ Humour.

The texture of both magazines gives a similar impression: The linear pages are shiny, feel pleasant to touch, smell fresh additionally the colour impact is a multi spectrum of vibrant colours.

The fonts are big enough to notice the article contents below these sub-headings.  The pages turn surprisingly easily either way from back to front or front to back (the traditional Western method).

Both magazines are of a high standard; they use good materials and the web-sites are designed surprising well; the links are quick the graphics are great and there is just as much info available (if not more!).

This reinforces the profit made from advertising not just with the quickness of the links but more the magazines quality and ‘The Strands of audiences’ that is there is always easier accessibility.

In ‘Heat’ there is a picture of a pregnant woman with an oval shaped coloured back boundary. This example is interpreted by connotation for women readers that has an emphasise for re-generation.

Important for any society for its survival and continue growing. Additionally in ‘Heat’ these many female photographs reinforce an importance for female friendship or companionship.

‘Nuts’ example of connotation on page 7 a photograph supported by an article depicts a contestant in the bull stampede. His injury is gruesome with a horn trapped inside his calf leg assumes its readers live in a paddock.

Much of the writer’s research goes into details about chasing an adrenaline rush. This could also metaphorically make a link between man being a stud like a bull to the orientation (Benshoff, Griffin, 2004: 7) of readers.

This illusion again is another example of what’s perceived real (Baudrillard) within the hyperreal.

Both of these pictures show pain and struggle from carrying a baby in the stomach compared to the man scared and injured both equally impressing the male readers or ‘Heats’ female readers.

Yet both examples subtly remind a women about the man’s fertilisation or the endurance of man to show off for the woman enduring elements of pain that I’m sure would scar for life.

On page 53 is the only panoramic view in the whole magazine. It shows a cartoon image taken from the Simpson’s of a postcard photo animation of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

‘Heat’ however in Preston and Chantelle’s house on page 31-32 (former lovers through Big Brother 7) show panoramic views inside their house.

Before this page 29 a advert of Rush Hour 3 (starring Jackie Chan) showing a panoramic view of Amsterdam river to the left of the starring actors and to the left of the Eiffel Tower.

The poster is air brushed photo’s that seem to be art and its two tone colours of each geographical view is yellow and brown.

On page 35 also in Heat there is a panoramic view of a city shot with an altered image from a bridge looking up at the curved and distorted image of skyscrapers.

Both magazines are equally interested in caricatures of people rather than locations or backgrounds within these two editions. However both magazines talk about countries outside of the UK within some of the writers articles.

The website www.nuts.co.uk has more information about the policies and conditions that the magazine must follow.

‘Nuts’ penchant of liking for beautiful young women gives again an inclination of whose exactly employed within their team. They assume who must be particularly interested in spending money on male magazines.

Researching data sent to the web-site or fan-mail posted to the address given on page 88.

This interest will provide feedback for which the researchers employed will continue to adapt for this niche market.

That is young working class who take historical trends of sovereignty into consideration. So to avoid clashing with competition from other magazines such as FHM.

FHM however is not as explicit or pornographic and contains more stories and musical reviews.

This reinforces ‘Nuts’ mags audience reliability, for which they duly inject the readers with data that they will crave again.

But both magazines are throw away weekly magazines even though the quality of the mag is good unlike a newspaper for example.

There is a far more disassociated from the American ‘oligopoly’ (Benshoff & Griffin, 2004) of Time Warner’s history. This also applicable to their current status.

Still having to conform to franchises and advertisements. Legal ways of obtaining celebrity photographs from the States as well as other celebrity material.

Since the introduction of ‘Endemol’s’ Big Brother TV package; celebrities can me made out of common people, heat utilises this fact within the majority of this edition’s pages.


Baudrillard, J (1983) Simulations. New York (semiotexte) a French scholar who gave an assessment  of the affect Media had on reality: Public were saturated by mediated images causing a distortion of truth called the Hyperreal. (Baudrillard, 1983)

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Smith. D (July 27th-Aug 2nd, 2007) Nuts. London: Polestar.

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[1] Parable by; Victor Hugo: ‘Ceci teura cela’ he says (see no1.), then 2. in a dictum by Gregory the Great “Such huge built up memories, crowded with images, unnecessary with regards to the collective memory” used as an example of explaining heresy in this period (Eisenstein, 1979:154) and finally 3. Moxton’s mechanic exercises (1683) “In hand could teach himself or herself the trade from beginning to end. Simplicity of operation was not a factor of prime importance”