UK Democracy House Commons Lords

You know your in the House of Lords when you see red leather seats.

The House of Commons has green leather seats.

Although both seats are made of similar upholstery they seat two different types of people.

Many people ask me what is democracy and how do things operate here in the United Kingdom?

The answers are a lot simpler that most people think. Democracy is a Greek notion from free thinking movements.

Without Democracy people think religious dictators would rule over the country.

How we differ here in the UK is we have politicians, outside advisors (Lords) and over arching this is our Royal Family (The Monarchs).

Democracy gives residents of our country the ability to vote for politicians who will mostly speak and give information to help the country as representives from areas in which they were elected.

Everybody knows Big Ben opposite Westminster Cathedral, it’s a very popular site for postcard images, tourists like to take snapshots of it and journalists do live reports outside the area with Ben the familiar clock face in the background.

Visitor’s to Britain very rarely get to see the insides of The Houses of Parliament in Westminster. They can however watch most discussions live recorded on satellite TV. The Houses have live broadcasts so locals can watch their elected ministers bring proposals to the chair speaker.

Currently Teressa May is Prime Minister and she has stepped in after David Cameron had his early political retirement. She is outnumbered by many men, but is not the first PM to fill in when a Prime Minister throw’s the towel in.

We live in strange times and as we mentioned earlier the pressure comes from one world currencies.

Most democracy’s are funded by tax levied by government distributed by the people. People still use this type of authority to compliment the need for roles in society.

Laws get passed which helps British Courts uphold laws when any challenges arise. Conscientious objectors have been caught in a loop unable to challenge these changes.

Government consists of various forces to maintain order and quash chaos: Firemen, Police Constables, Nurses at the NHS, town hall representatives, housing and security.

Many of the governments organisations assign consultant’s to do the job for them. Police uphold the law but have always hired the help of detectives like Sherlock Holmes to solve cases.

In all these areas of democracy things get put on the shelves. Cut back’s mean less people know what they are doing, the solution of compartmentalization meant expert’s had to unlearn some practical skills to make way for other experts.

The problem with having departments is you have more leaders who never reach full control. The great thing about Democracy is that we have freedom of speech on Sunday’s in place’s like speakers corner.

Speakers Corner is unique to the UK and there are numerous other hotspots where you can stand on a crate, perhaps somewhere on the High Street somewhere near a library where you can air your own truth freely.

With democracy came political (French Term) protest marches. Every four years people get to vote for the countries leader. Leaders get paid a nominal salary but have access to an equal amount of perks. For example chauffeur, international relationships are made which usually lead onto greater things after the four years are up. Many negotiations around trade happen with men. The great thing is Germany has a woman leader too.

Angela Merkel and Theressa May will be able to talk to one another about the European Union. Both women have already proved themselves in their abilities to interact with male leaders and dictators outside the scope of democracy.

The House of Lords is a place like a court room where men where women’s old woollen wigs. The old tradition’s allows these mostly old folk with Blue Blood to have their say in London. They are considered experts in their field, many scientists outside the realms of any particular religion. They are sworn in members of the crown, many of whom have been knighted for their contributions.

Entertainer’s over the years have received similar privileges. House’s of Parliament is open to the public and more underage voters have been let in than any other time in history. The hope is the legacy of democracy lives on in the hearts and minds of youth.

In June 2017 you can vote Conservative, Labour, Green Party, Humanism or Socialism, BNP crop up along with recently Conservatively fractioned off party UKIP starring EU British representative Nigel Farage.

Residents have each been given cards then posted step by step maps to make sure you don’t get lost on registry day.

Much of the proceedings will be in the tradition of HG Wells be broadcast live alongside the most recent episodes of celebrity big brother.
house of commons

Noam Chomsky 75 Days of Trump

Donald Trump president of USA has been in office for a couple of months and Noam Chomsky summarises all the good stuff on Democracy Now.

Donald Trump president of USA has been in office for a couple of months and Noam Chomsky summarises all the good stuff on Democracy Now.

Votes Count & Make Prizes

Poetry voting contest.

If points make prizes and votes make us wisest then how do we make each one count?

We make them count and recount then knowbody should be able to discount what each other say sometimes, but they still do.

On the day of voting we each get given our own card with a map on it, which is a bit of a smoke screen compared to the paper we receive on arrival. And we are presented with options that confuse our decisions. As quick as you walked in should perhaps be the same speed as when you’ll walk out. We vote for prize winners who sprout up out of thin air, who have bright Rosetta colours upon their lapels. Like turtles you very rarely see their face. The black voting box may as well be as clear as a Bingo rotary box, whoever wins takes all for at least a year before any questions.

Voting deserves a round of applause and once you start rest assured the people behind you will too. Some have prams or trolleys, others come all blue suited with brollies. But everyone should have gotten the same memo. Once we’re told to do something, it’s actually quite conclusive the outcome. As decent member’s of our own society we usually do as we’re told but a percentage of us bawk at being told what to do.

The most influential followers of politics wear t-shirts with influential slogans written on them so simply they look a right pudding. You can include this in your reading list. And in the booths we worry about someone copying our voting ballets or look down in despair at decisions other people are about to make. So remember if you cannot make it we understand. Voting has dangers of repeating itself and the more you visit, the more danger there is of getting effected by what can only be described as groundhog day.


TAR by Wydham Lewis is an Anagram

Source: TAR by Wyndham Lewis is an Anagram

Wyndham Lewis mixed art and writing together. What made him so unique to government was the way he challenged rules.

Art at that time was methodical and a growing commodity. Today the rich art owners out of paranoia keep them in vaults and containers. This is because original copies are rare and expensive.
Writing was at its peek and pencil manuscripts were fashionable. Lewis liked his mole skin books to write and draw. As a follower of fashion his unique contributions caught attention of academic poets and writers in this country.

T S Eliot was one of these well respected poets of London and he was blown away by books like TAR and Blast.Poetry those days were very important for various reasons, mainly in the currency of art.

Art has also be linked with humanism. In the humanities departments both literature, architecture and mathematics are crucial to qualifying a place in society. Working alongside paid officials. Artists like Wyndham Lewis and T S Eliot would have earned there place through publications. Artists are often commissioned to do stuff.

Musicians and record companies go through similar deals, these also include royalties. Unlike poets who’s wider profits from creativity was merely from sales and value rendered.Modernism, modernity and post modernism are cultural studies terminology made more popular through the need for media studies.

Leaders can go into companies and with knowledge they have of companies and speak to them like Frederick Nitsche may have done. The criticism they provide is highly sort after.

In the early 20th century entertainment was live or in a book. Theatre was at a all time high. Attendance and the narratives like today draw from current updates of theory and creativity. But the main stay economically is the production, advertising and reach of let us say packets of information.

Birds of a feather, flock together and once we know their rhetorical stance we can make certain popular assumptions about things. This proved problematic for Wyndham Lewis because he spoke about everything.

When disonance across borders happen during times of trouble international publications and telegraph messages at that time were modern modes of communicating. Now we have Skype, Facetime and Snapchat.

Drafting Out Interactionism – Understanding Society

Learn from the ring leaders, they draft things out before tackling anything. If you like sociology, politics, London or communications then get on this.

Sociology as I am sure you understand is about the study of people. That is us, how we communicate, interacted and quantity information at certain times about a variety of topics.

Some of these topics are important and others not so important.

Who are you and who are you speaking too? And are you reaching the right audience.

An audience must understand your jargon to fully comprehend your message. Depending on how you use this jargon those who understand will begin to shape ideas about you by evaluating the rhetoric you consistently use. Moreover they will already have a perception about who you are depending which organisations you represent.

Human behaviour shapes citizens outlook of how they treat you face to face or by merit. If you deliver what they want to hear and offer solutions, then this is what they will expect from you. If you share common values, colours or project shared symbols they will come to you quicker.

In London we have Big Ben right next to the Houses of Parliament. When the bells ring on the hour we are also reminded of something important happening in that area.

Politics in Britain is slightly different to other countries, we have a Privie Council from all over the country who commute to London to air their constituents views to a variety of political party members. We also have to Royals which make Britain unique by proxy.

Without shaping views about politics my point is simple: In any occupation there is a hierarchy and within that structure is a selection of gentlemen and women who speak for large numbers of people.

Depending on which catchment area you live in we can make certain assumptions about who will get what. But overall the assumption should be everybody in the same position should be treated the same way. The variables differ compared to other skilled occupations.

They differ by words used in communications, body language and a culpable palpable voice sounding crucial topics that consider a variety of norms.

When politicians get this consistently right, when the bell tolls you can safely assume all will be good when they step foot into the Houses of Parliament.

If you or they start of making jokes about things there is a danger of getting treated like a comedian instead of a politician. Equally many politicians are great when the cameras are on them, which amplifies their persona to a larger audience. This creates spin offs on various shows where they will get to prove there point. Anything they miss in communications with the world will be judged. Most good politicians in the public eye I imagine have been in the system a while, kept a low profile, served their constituents well and have support of other constituencies.

The best thing about a House for Parliament is other areas get to share and adapt with similar areas therefore making society change in a logical way. The problem seems to be the convincing rhetoric and understanding of what everyone wants to hear to push a personal agenda. Personal experience is the most powerful, so with that said how can we be sure the individual at some time in there life has had to deal with something traumatic?

Trauma creates facial ticks or makes words symbolically attached with triggers that could slow a man down like a rabbit on the road. They could lose temper and nobody understands why. This could lead to being labelled madness and then be treated as such. It could also change the way mad people are seen within the group. When they leave and walk down the road to Victoria or Charing Cross and see all the homeless people they might realise they are not insane too. See how easy it is to pass a word and amplify it into something else.

When you consistently exaggerate problems people start to hear less of you. Your image will keep you in the pack. Rather than see you as an Ace or a Diamond, they will imagine you as a Joker or top Trumps.

Facebook Messenger

Tomorrow, join us on Facebook Live for another episode of TED Dialogues, our response to current events, adding insight, context and nuance to the conversations we’re having right now. Join us Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 1–2pm on TED’s Facebook page. Our speakers are two historians who will try to help us make sense of…

via Watch tomorrow: What’s next for democracy? A live Facebook chat — TED Blog

This is another Facebook Messenger live chat about Democracy. Catch up on the Facebook hangout over on Ted Blog.

Democratic Party

The democratic party is on again this week, so if you have anything to do with politics, be there or be square.

This is not your usual party political democrats meet up. Food will be served yourself. This is a self catering do. Which means you’ll just have to bring your own bottle.

We’ll be launching a new boat and a surprise guest will cut the red ribbon. You can look forward to politicians old and new. There will be a charitable whip round for surprised politicians selected to walk the plank.

The party doesn’t end with a boat. Expect posh lodgings around the city. Funding will be available for anyone who finds free lodgings. On occupation of the building we will provide you with the best space possible and perhaps some clean linen. You can expect wide screen projections and long PowerPoint presentations. Bring your own laboratory paper please because on site chemical toilets will be reserved for leaders of the dark side.

We ask that you provide your own rosettes and tie your own tie in the morning. We recommending matching ties and Rosetta, blue for cribs and red for honour. Be prepared this is a GTA5 game graphics event. We expect you to do as your told and get the job done as quick as humanely possible. Gang bangers will be turned away at the door, so dress appropriately, leave the clown suites at home.

This is a once a year event, so prepared for anything for this not your usual democratic party. If you attended last year and survived it, please wear the lousy t-shirt we got you. This years event will have great keynote speakers who have recently retired from the political force. They will be signing shirts, so look out for them. Expect another whip round for them. We hope to raise enough funds to send them home packing.

SPOILER ALERT: topics of the day include – politics, sport, keynote jokes, funding guidance and inside tips about up and coming red tape. All the fun of the fair really.

Politics in Britain 2017

Britain is under a wave of fake news and a reshuffle of power. We are expecting older measures to resurface politically. Withthat said lets take a look at some supportive leadership groups in Britain to highlight issues sprouting up in 2017.

Brexit is a big issue right now. The EU are currently earmarking phamacuetical agencies to slow the process down. This is causing anxiety within the government. The strain on the NHS is a focus in Britian, we are doing our best to improve services, continue providing for all in a balanced way. Measures have been put into place to ensure elderly have a place safe to enjoy themselves. Fear is always applied in areas of importance. That fact is there is a variety of pharmacuetical free trade contracts available and other options outside of the EU bundle.

Washington currently has egg on it’s face thanks to the Supreme court. They turned down something President a
Potus Donald Trump applied for.

Medecine representatives from America are here in UK looking to broker various deals here in Britain because we have decided via a vote to leave The European Union.

For many local shops have already closed down. Importing from outside EU comes with a heavy inspection fee.

Politicians are focusing on educating children and adults alike in the hope perhaps someone will be able to make everything better again.

When Praying Becomes Inapropriate

Praying becomes inappropriate when there is a conflict of interest in objects. From the symbols we shape, to the mistakes historians have made. In Britian we have in God we trust. Building rust in the very fibre of creation.


The truth is always changing as and when new texts are found in the archives of the past. The conclusions made in today’s entry is bipartisan to anything you may have read in the past here on Democracy and World Peace, however the research done, as always is done the same way.

From the Virgin Mary to the Prince of Darkness, stories have been written in the older languages. Translations have been made by scholars over the years, as and when new texts pop up. Some of these texts includes maps, which shine light on the Holy Land origins.

One example of a change in holy places is Jeruseleum. Texts show it should have been somewhere between Syria and Vatican City. The walls have come down in East Berlin and the West Wall in Isreal is now dictated by Muslim law’s that argue praying to a wall is wrong.

Another is the story of Rumi the poet and where he was buried. Sufi poets are now always arguing about what goes where. The prayer is a connection to the trance. Again Trance is genre of music said to give a partial dose of a similar medicine. Tribal folks in Urban built up areas turn to something more upbeat like Drum & Bass or this new Hard House music.

In other cultures music like politics is a taboo subject. Some countries see musical instruments as illegal instruments, yet show online, popular ways of using, or hiding weapons. God and war has always been married together, I think this is wrong. We should give marriage another chance.

Again some cultures testify that more than one wife is necessary in society and having kids is an important part of being human. Yet the same countries that respect these cultures, have rituals that are imposed on male and female children. Of course to Western society this is not only barbaric and unhygienic, it is also immoral.

When praying becomes inappropriate part one

Praying to some is the lifeline that keeps them in communication with ancestral lines, passed down for generations. When the cord is cut on this people become powerless over many things. The media provides a process which skilfully disconnects people from doing their process.

inapropriate_prayersPraying is done differently across the globe to excite the senses into making the brain validate the whole process. From smells from ‘Heaven’ to prostrating and bending of the knees.

Commonly we have learned to respect the nature of prayer and are always assessing the truth and how truth validates new groups and cults that sprout up.

Equally elders are seen as the ‘go to people’ over anything else.

Spiritual law in many communities overshadows common law. And in many instances influences the laws of a land. We see this manifest itself in politics.

Politicians find loop holes in local spiritual beliefs for their own gain. Anything from tax havens to laws that block them from blocking something that needs blocking for society or otherwise this in most cases in humanely wrong.

When praying becomes inappropriate next is part two


More and more people are adapting their prayers to try to retrieve whats missing now the media wall is crumbling. Prayer is taking a back-burner before elections. People who pray for the better good of mankind are being distracted in conversations evoked by politicians names.

This is not just happening in the UK or the USA it’s happening all over the world.

When praying becomes inappropriate and finally part three

Prayer becomes inappropriate when diagnosed as an illness. This is another way prayer is paused. For example in the lower echelons of this problem people with obsessive and compulsive disorders create rituals of their own to keep family members safe. To the higher scale of consciousness; when the diagnosis has to be medicated and the ritual of prayer is replaced with taking medications.

People pray for themselves in different ways and this creates ridicule from the un-initiated.

In the video below find out from researcher and author of at least ten books Adrian Gilbert how Syria may hold the new Jerusalem.

You have all heard the term tree huggers. Pagans labelled as such because they do not have a powerful symbol to represent the faith in nature. Tree’s are very sacred in most texts and they are becoming effected with all the pollution from cars. Tree’s have always got infected, look at Oude its like cancer. The cancer lives in all tree’s its only when activated does the bark get effected and loses its original aroma. Perhaps Tree Hungers like perfume and aftershave or deodorant does draws people nearly  and simply make them fall in love with nature.

Many faiths are more interested in more pungent smells. Some churches burn incense in an incense shaker and make sure everybody in the building gets a whiff of it on the clothes.


So what is happening in Syria rather than what is happening with the British Brexit or Who will be the American President ‘Potus’ to replace Barack Obama?

These questions are just more ways of diverting us from our primary purpose of prayer, however you do it. If you are waking up, at home, in the morning, with Hillary Clinton next to you, it’s really not going to help and could eventually, effect your health. Similarly if you wake up and not do the daily chores; like leaving Europe things are going to begin to stack up.

Even the richest prey. They prey on all sorts of things. Some of them prey on people, particularly the weak. Little boys and girls for instance. Underage air hostesses flown to Islands where the laws of the land are made by the owners. People seeking wealth instead of the Golden Child flock to these Islands to find out how wealth is made. Prey teaches us that belongings are anchors that weigh us down from understanding who we are and where we are going. It’s not for me to say where Jeffrey Epstein is going or where Donald Trump has been or where Hillary can stick it.

In the video below you can find out the full array of information online about Jeff Epstein and his relationship with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and the Virgin Islands.

I hope you find it in yourself what you are looking for. I agree some people make great coaches and leaders, however due to the Global Hodge Podge of things, it’s difficult to pin point early on what the motives are. Agendas are key solution to this prayer thing, I think. What do you think, I’d love to know what’s what. If there is a New Jerusalem and a baby is born does this also mean in a parallel universe a Prince of Darkness is or was born. How did droplets of water come from asteroids in outer space. Happy November the 5th!