UK Democracy House Commons Lords

You know your in the House of Lords when you see red leather seats.

The House of Commons has green leather seats.

Although both seats are made of similar upholstery they seat two different types of people.

Many people ask me what is democracy and how do things operate here in the United Kingdom?

The answers are a lot simpler that most people think. Democracy is a Greek notion from free thinking movements.

Without Democracy people think religious dictators would rule over the country.

How we differ here in the UK is we have politicians, outside advisors (Lords) and over arching this is our Royal Family (The Monarchs).

Democracy gives residents of our country the ability to vote for politicians who will mostly speak and give information to help the country as representives from areas in which they were elected.

Everybody knows Big Ben opposite Westminster Cathedral, it’s a very popular site for postcard images, tourists like to take snapshots of it and journalists do live reports outside the area with Ben the familiar clock face in the background.

Visitor’s to Britain very rarely get to see the insides of The Houses of Parliament in Westminster. They can however watch most discussions live recorded on satellite TV. The Houses have live broadcasts so locals can watch their elected ministers bring proposals to the chair speaker.

Currently Teressa May is Prime Minister and she has stepped in after David Cameron had his early political retirement. She is outnumbered by many men, but is not the first PM to fill in when a Prime Minister throw’s the towel in.

We live in strange times and as we mentioned earlier the pressure comes from one world currencies.

Most democracy’s are funded by tax levied by government distributed by the people. People still use this type of authority to compliment the need for roles in society.

Laws get passed which helps British Courts uphold laws when any challenges arise. Conscientious objectors have been caught in a loop unable to challenge these changes.

Government consists of various forces to maintain order and quash chaos: Firemen, Police Constables, Nurses at the NHS, town hall representatives, housing and security.

Many of the governments organisations assign consultant’s to do the job for them. Police uphold the law but have always hired the help of detectives like Sherlock Holmes to solve cases.

In all these areas of democracy things get put on the shelves. Cut back’s mean less people know what they are doing, the solution of compartmentalization meant expert’s had to unlearn some practical skills to make way for other experts.

The problem with having departments is you have more leaders who never reach full control. The great thing about Democracy is that we have freedom of speech on Sunday’s in place’s like speakers corner.

Speakers Corner is unique to the UK and there are numerous other hotspots where you can stand on a crate, perhaps somewhere on the High Street somewhere near a library where you can air your own truth freely.

With democracy came political (French Term) protest marches. Every four years people get to vote for the countries leader. Leaders get paid a nominal salary but have access to an equal amount of perks. For example chauffeur, international relationships are made which usually lead onto greater things after the four years are up. Many negotiations around trade happen with men. The great thing is Germany has a woman leader too.

Angela Merkel and Theressa May will be able to talk to one another about the European Union. Both women have already proved themselves in their abilities to interact with male leaders and dictators outside the scope of democracy.

The House of Lords is a place like a court room where men where women’s old woollen wigs. The old tradition’s allows these mostly old folk with Blue Blood to have their say in London. They are considered experts in their field, many scientists outside the realms of any particular religion. They are sworn in members of the crown, many of whom have been knighted for their contributions.

Entertainer’s over the years have received similar privileges. House’s of Parliament is open to the public and more underage voters have been let in than any other time in history. The hope is the legacy of democracy lives on in the hearts and minds of youth.

In June 2017 you can vote Conservative, Labour, Green Party, Humanism or Socialism, BNP crop up along with recently Conservatively fractioned off party UKIP starring EU British representative Nigel Farage.

Residents have each been given cards then posted step by step maps to make sure you don’t get lost on registry day.

Much of the proceedings will be in the tradition of HG Wells be broadcast live alongside the most recent episodes of celebrity big brother.
house of commons

A Modern Day Anthropologist Working The Online Trenches

Writing these days is like Greek or Latin. Some get it sooner than later depending on how it’s working out for you. In most cases it never works out as well as originally planned. The plan is as simple as waving a flag and to then expect winning results. Only a fool would believe such nonsense.

We start out life thinking everything will just happen at the click of a button, without any real focus. We walk into a room, flick on a switch to only find somebody else had already turned on the light of day. And now we feel like it’s us who flicked on the darkness. Equally the written word has been relegated below the image. Video has muscled in and presentations have squeezed the life out of time.

Product worshipping has replaced the need for seasons. The glass dome we live in is a giant sun room that looks like a golf ball. You can brush and polish it all you like but it won’t always yield a ‘eagle’ hole in one.

To the outside world writing seems like a boil or rash. I often get comments like how would you like to pay for some SEO. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram, never “How’s your father?”. Luckily there are still avid readers who still enjoy real cream profiteroles.

Blogging is a great way to document thoughts. You can look around all you like, follow everyone and anyone. But actually spotting talent and tracking them down is like talking Greek. It won’t be long before you’ll have them all crashing on your sofa. Most blogs are just wet beds. It’s easy to just ‘dip your toe into things’ or ‘bang in a few clichés here and there’ but actually squeezing out substance, rythmn and reason seems a whole other ball game. Is just great to have a place to kick the ball into a brick wall as hard as possible.

So is blogging a game, or is it more like a voluntary soup kitchen? We stand around ladling bowls of soup and stuffing passers by with crusty bread and butter all day. To only one day realise asperations are like ships in the night. You are attracting the rich and famous. The people who need your skills are out there dating your next girlfriend. It’s like one day that revelation reveals itself as plain as the pimple on the end of your nose. The secret is they do get behind you you only have to resume the position and simply ask. Sad really how most folks at some point made themselves recieve that sort of punishment. These sort of blocks keep people back from commenting on anything outside of their own world of problems.

Most of societies problems are amplified in solo fake news. This promoted belief is done through making readers believe they are the only ones reading things. These readers feel lonely and unique, like it’s only themselves that share each others experiences. It used to be the other way around. If you wanted someone to share your blurbs you do certain things. Techniques that make themselves different and unique. It’s this pressure that gets the heard commenting. It’s the same people who look back at other people and say ‘Jesus, I so proud of you!’. Yet all they see of themselves is the leaky cracks in their world. The mess starts within which is why we all experience guilt. This sort of guilt is rediculous, false and serves nobody.

And the hobbyhorse. We think it’s fine being left in the Postman Pat red car rocking with a collection of coins in the metre, whilst leaders and guardians go about their business in the busy shopping mall. They hang their friends out to dry like hats on a stand. So its ok to throw a ball of paper again into that little paper basket far, far away? No it isn’t and neither should you feel like a screwed up piece of paper. You see we have made this world a world of editors. Society is filled with a world of invisible criques whom rather than show themselves, they just keep on churning out the same crap.

Take photojournalists for example. You see maybe one picture of themselves in the avatar of themselves hiding behind a lens. This naturally attracts other photographers who have avatars of themselves hiding behind a lens. Its like the happy lens club. Stuff them and there silly lens avatars. If they have problems reading and writing the that’s just the way it is and those things will never change. And music fans. They listen, they learn but have lost that needed outlet of karaoke so instead they go out in the world, singing other peoples songs and expect to get paid for it, potty training comes to mind. I’m a big boy now. Its wiping time. Ben becomes the big monster gloating in the pool. The Mars or Snickers. The photographers Hoola Hoop face in a ball of fire. The literature on the lavatory wall saying call me you sissi.

Most people understandably don’t even read it. My hope is a world of more people busy writing instead of just pressing buttons thinking the rest of the world will clap at the top five names on the Pheonix, Mr Do! High score.

When Praying Becomes Inapropriate

Praying becomes inappropriate when there is a conflict of interest in objects. From the symbols we shape, to the mistakes historians have made. In Britian we have in God we trust. Building rust in the very fibre of creation.


The truth is always changing as and when new texts are found in the archives of the past. The conclusions made in today’s entry is bipartisan to anything you may have read in the past here on Democracy and World Peace, however the research done, as always is done the same way.

From the Virgin Mary to the Prince of Darkness, stories have been written in the older languages. Translations have been made by scholars over the years, as and when new texts pop up. Some of these texts includes maps, which shine light on the Holy Land origins.

One example of a change in holy places is Jeruseleum. Texts show it should have been somewhere between Syria and Vatican City. The walls have come down in East Berlin and the West Wall in Isreal is now dictated by Muslim law’s that argue praying to a wall is wrong.

Another is the story of Rumi the poet and where he was buried. Sufi poets are now always arguing about what goes where. The prayer is a connection to the trance. Again Trance is genre of music said to give a partial dose of a similar medicine. Tribal folks in Urban built up areas turn to something more upbeat like Drum & Bass or this new Hard House music.

In other cultures music like politics is a taboo subject. Some countries see musical instruments as illegal instruments, yet show online, popular ways of using, or hiding weapons. God and war has always been married together, I think this is wrong. We should give marriage another chance.

Again some cultures testify that more than one wife is necessary in society and having kids is an important part of being human. Yet the same countries that respect these cultures, have rituals that are imposed on male and female children. Of course to Western society this is not only barbaric and unhygienic, it is also immoral.

When praying becomes inappropriate part one

Praying to some is the lifeline that keeps them in communication with ancestral lines, passed down for generations. When the cord is cut on this people become powerless over many things. The media provides a process which skilfully disconnects people from doing their process.

inapropriate_prayersPraying is done differently across the globe to excite the senses into making the brain validate the whole process. From smells from ‘Heaven’ to prostrating and bending of the knees.

Commonly we have learned to respect the nature of prayer and are always assessing the truth and how truth validates new groups and cults that sprout up.

Equally elders are seen as the ‘go to people’ over anything else.

Spiritual law in many communities overshadows common law. And in many instances influences the laws of a land. We see this manifest itself in politics.

Politicians find loop holes in local spiritual beliefs for their own gain. Anything from tax havens to laws that block them from blocking something that needs blocking for society or otherwise this in most cases in humanely wrong.

When praying becomes inappropriate next is part two


More and more people are adapting their prayers to try to retrieve whats missing now the media wall is crumbling. Prayer is taking a back-burner before elections. People who pray for the better good of mankind are being distracted in conversations evoked by politicians names.

This is not just happening in the UK or the USA it’s happening all over the world.

When praying becomes inappropriate and finally part three

Prayer becomes inappropriate when diagnosed as an illness. This is another way prayer is paused. For example in the lower echelons of this problem people with obsessive and compulsive disorders create rituals of their own to keep family members safe. To the higher scale of consciousness; when the diagnosis has to be medicated and the ritual of prayer is replaced with taking medications.

People pray for themselves in different ways and this creates ridicule from the un-initiated.

In the video below find out from researcher and author of at least ten books Adrian Gilbert how Syria may hold the new Jerusalem.

You have all heard the term tree huggers. Pagans labelled as such because they do not have a powerful symbol to represent the faith in nature. Tree’s are very sacred in most texts and they are becoming effected with all the pollution from cars. Tree’s have always got infected, look at Oude its like cancer. The cancer lives in all tree’s its only when activated does the bark get effected and loses its original aroma. Perhaps Tree Hungers like perfume and aftershave or deodorant does draws people nearly  and simply make them fall in love with nature.

Many faiths are more interested in more pungent smells. Some churches burn incense in an incense shaker and make sure everybody in the building gets a whiff of it on the clothes.


So what is happening in Syria rather than what is happening with the British Brexit or Who will be the American President ‘Potus’ to replace Barack Obama?

These questions are just more ways of diverting us from our primary purpose of prayer, however you do it. If you are waking up, at home, in the morning, with Hillary Clinton next to you, it’s really not going to help and could eventually, effect your health. Similarly if you wake up and not do the daily chores; like leaving Europe things are going to begin to stack up.

Even the richest prey. They prey on all sorts of things. Some of them prey on people, particularly the weak. Little boys and girls for instance. Underage air hostesses flown to Islands where the laws of the land are made by the owners. People seeking wealth instead of the Golden Child flock to these Islands to find out how wealth is made. Prey teaches us that belongings are anchors that weigh us down from understanding who we are and where we are going. It’s not for me to say where Jeffrey Epstein is going or where Donald Trump has been or where Hillary can stick it.

In the video below you can find out the full array of information online about Jeff Epstein and his relationship with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and the Virgin Islands.

I hope you find it in yourself what you are looking for. I agree some people make great coaches and leaders, however due to the Global Hodge Podge of things, it’s difficult to pin point early on what the motives are. Agendas are key solution to this prayer thing, I think. What do you think, I’d love to know what’s what. If there is a New Jerusalem and a baby is born does this also mean in a parallel universe a Prince of Darkness is or was born. How did droplets of water come from asteroids in outer space. Happy November the 5th!

Occupy Wall Street with Brick Overlords

As Halloween rears its pumkin head I thought it be nice to look inside the head of it. Looking through the jagged mouth, white gums and carved out eyes things are very different out there…

Overlords in this life are the people in positions of power some we see and some we cannot. As I look inside the pumpkin ball the truth becomes to count itself down to the midnight hour. The architypes are stereotypical and hold us back from understanding how it actually works out there.

History gives us hints of what might happen, polls and ratings give the overlords a template to pursuade you of how well they are doing, but we need more evidence. That’s where we come in.

Scrying has become popular during the seventies when people found spitting on mirrors made them more popular. Or the alternative they find people with extraordinary gifts. Hiring people with special claims and testimonies about the supernatural. Most people saw them as activists lobbying change or punks with spikey hair breaking norms. Some however due to their handed down ways were so old you could see it made sense.

The overlords of each country had their own entertainments. Music is very popular so lets measure this by that:

The barber shop quartets, the harpist plucking away in a room full of dikkie bows and petticoats. Then you have the bedroom DJs and musicians practising in doors away from harms way. From merrackka shaker to guitar string breaking I sure you agree there is a note for every occassion.

To the right of a piano keyboard the notes from Eyes Wide Shut play. Scientologists and ‘Mission Impossible’ stars leading roles anyone can be introduced to the overlords behind the red satin curtain.

Inside all of us is a decision to be made which bubbles up to the surface now and again. Voting, leading and sucking up to the powers that be. Choosing the softer option can exhaust anyone and families across the country sell their lemonade wares from garages.

During any recession and receding hairline we see people snuggle up, huncker down, buckle up and take their foot of the peddle. Thank goodness for the electric age, people like Elon Musk motors make good examples. Is just I wonder what the overlords will do now when they mess up, jump of a bridge or drive into a brick wall?


Loose Women Special Guests Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Can you imagine it, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as special guests on UK daytime television?

I sure you will agree this show would be fun.

Imagine having Britian’s finest tv presenters acting as mediators between these two American politicians.

Women flirting with Donald Trump and picking up and diffusing his male advances. Hillary answering questions to the cast of Loose Women who the week before rubbed shoulders with Germany’s PM Angela Merkel and UK PM all gossiping about their male conquests.

The Two Ronnies outlined twenty years ago the future of politics. A future ruled by women in black rubber uniforms. The worm has definetely turned.

The thing I like about Loose Women is the way they turn the tables on male guests. Can you imagine Donald Trump and all his sons on the Mr World catwalk? Mr Bump, Mr Tickle and Mr Happy.

The series of debates on YouTube is entertaining. Every secret is being laid out, however I feel they need a stronger mediator. A referee would be good. A few referees with bells and whistles.

Soon we can expect a comeback of This is Your Life, but until then lets get them on Loose Women.

I think Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should both get a room in the White House.


The Rooms. 1.0.

“Death for you, death for me, all I see is Ossified Debris!”


“It’s trending Unc,” Piers is fiddling with a tar black strand of floppy fringe, squeezing and twirling it around chipped black nail polished fingertips, “we’re most probably gonna get a deal but…fuck it, Badger says we should just take the pub, Soundcloud three tunes then link it to Bandcamp and cut out the fucking middle-men. Like…” I do wish he’d refrain from addressing me as ‘Unc’.
“You know Unc, we’re doing a live P.A. at Dungeon 24-O on Weds. Midnight. You should rock up dude, be well sick.” Piers is the unhappy result of a fervid one-nighter in Lausanne involving my youngest Sis, Julia and some bearded Austrian ‘DJ’ by the name of ‘Tech-Konig-Banger’ or ‘TKB’ if you please. Julia singularly ignored my advice to get the growth Dyson’d out of her and took it to term and so Piers ‘TKB’ is now sitting opposite me in Nando’s fussing with his hair, Peri-Peri Wings untouched. “Gis ya phone.” I shake my head. “Come on!” I shake my head. It’s not that I’m precious about my mobile it’s just that the sooner we’re out of here the better for all and I do not want to give my spotty, lanky, nephew any more one-sided conversational ammo. “What? Think I’ll take the piss?” That’s exactly what I think. A not unattractive waitress walks past. “Bang-Tidy.” states Piers. I have to concur. Piers ceases his tacky tonsulary and leans forward. “I saw you checking her tits man.” He winks. If Nando’s will insist on employing aesthetically pleasing young women and ordering them to wear constrictive black T-Shirts, where exactly is one supposed to look?
“ ‘Ossified Debris’ by…Ossified Debris. I’m gonna buy Mummy an island. Jamaica. Not Jamaica, obvs, but a small island off the coast. She raised me on Bob.” God, he’s ugly. I never saw a pic of his biological, only going on the sketches and watercolours that Julia produced in-between getting fingered on the banks of Lake Leman and even then, lilies were being gilded, I shouldn’t wonder but God, he is ugly. “Check this shit.” Piers is groping in the muff-pouch of his three-sizes-too-big charcoal hoody. He produces a sheet of A3. “Properly Old-School. Ya get me?” He flings the sheet in front of my empty plate. I peer down. A group of Islamic State fighters are holding their Kalashnikovs sky-ward and yelling. It appears the image has been cut from a newspaper, badly. Some of the heads are missing; I doubt Piers would see the irony. “Look at the flags Unc.” The black Jihadist banners are still intact but the white centre circle has been replaced by a cruddily drawn monolith, more like a skittle if anything. The white Arabic script above has been replaced by the legend, in Gothic Type: ‘Ossified Debris’. “Fucking provocative shit, yeah?” Piers has started to twist and writhe his black fringe. “Awesome.” There are no details on the paper. I motion for a member of staff, preferably the waitress. “Know exactly what you’re thinking Unc but Badger’s got it sorted: No fucking details, offend the Muzzies, all goes off, goes fucking viral, bods all link it with the tag on twitter, Sex fucking Pistols Mark II but, obvs, well better.” I’m waving an arm like I’m on deck in a squall. The waitress is depositing a bowl of nachos to my far right. She spots me.
“Emily Maitlis.” I stop waving and turn.”You’re feeling her Unc.” Many times you ugly, lanky, spotty twerp. Many times. Often in a horse-drawn in Montmartre. “This is totally on Newsnight dude which means Emily Maitlis on me, live, which means well on you, ‘cos you’ll have to drive me to the studio. I get to number 1, not that I give a shit, yeah, you get to spank Maitlis. Bang-Tidy.”
The waitress is fast approaching as is the image of Emily; a four-poster; a set of cuffs; black seamed stockings; velvet corset, knee-high black spike heeled boots. “Dead in the gutter like Capitalism…Facebook Faceache a Global Schism. Devil’s Jism!” The waitress reaches us.
“Death for you, death for me, all I see is Ossified Debris!” God he’s ugly. “Check that dope shit baitch!” The waitress ignores Piers. I put it on the plastic. Outside the wind is snapping. I turn the collar of my jacket up. On the walk to the car Piers is describing in elaborate detail what he’d do to Paris Hilton; “She’s a Milf but still fit-as.” Somewhere in a piss-soaked Viennese alley, some itching crack-bag is templating my nephew’s future. I’m happy when we pull away.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Murder on a Train.

Strangers on a Train.

In 1951 this low budget thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock is yet again another example of the intense presence he stamps upon his films.

As can be expected this film out of the many great Hitchcock films shows a variety of synopsis under these circumstances the Warner Bros film is showing Diegesis of Robert Walker’s character (Bruno) and again how revisiting old ground can affect with a change in the Non-diegetic elements orchestrating a somewhat light hearted view of murder, encroached with weird wonderful feminine twists from the support of murderer by the mothers naivety and his fathers control of the house suggesting an innocence again.

This moving image (Mise-en-scene) of the merry-go-round or the train to proximity of the opening scene’s of fixating on the shoes and the ground all equally describe binary opposites which merely re-iterates the effectiveness of Strangers on a Train successfully by example explain the Media totality and any binary oppositions present in the terminology required by even the smallest member of ‘Media’s vast spectrum’.

Like most of Hitchcock’s thrillers we find him making appearances here there and everywhere in this example he crops up boarding the train in the first 20 minutes of the movie but more importantly his talented direction is displayed through camera angles (crooked) for Bruno and lighted alongside the shutters denoting some behind bars illusion even though we can safely assume the character is of an upper-class origin, his weasel ways are always made acceptable through his desire for thrills and his copious tolerance of cigarettes and alcohol, the murder is what the genre is and Alfred through his magical affect’s on screen co-ordinates this illusion throughout enough as to keep the watcher interested enough to move around the edge of there seat as indeed in my opinion most thrillers should do.

These binary similarities of Culture and Economy light heartedly deliver a humorous in-detail display of emotive rationality to the rationality of origins, although conflictingly the beginning seems to race into this idea that the innocent invoke the madness of others through the skull-duggery of real life commitments like marriage and dating the Senators daughter to the Media writing about those who desire goals, winners! This epoch throughout the film continues through the characters taking a shine to Bruno his cheap charm and fancy spats works every time but your always left with some humour of how low a murderer stoops.

However in the public eye these high brow issues of course would be thought of quite differently and remember coming away from the illusive settings of Washington and it’s modern monsters of stone we feel separate from the world in the 50’s post war would have gained hope from seeing locations although not yet attainable by most the topic is reinforced in Bruno’s speech about flying in a jet and clearing out the sawdust to even dreaming of being the first to fly to the moon, that’s later used to impress the Senator- (Leo G Carroll)-Morton in a tall story of being great to here footprints happening on the surface of Mars!

Without these notions of equality Producing Media products in Hollywood to sell around the world.

Globalisation of a product that may be translated in many different ways is always tied into this genre.

Provided unusually by a director, a director is in the control of his tools; the actors, the cameramen and of course the control of natures weather, suggested by the many shots of the moon.

Why well particularly in regard to textual analysis and this idea of dissolving two scenes together as a passing of time chronologically we feel sequentially to be in the here and now and this effective illusion again displays the mastery of directorship, normally we’d feel attracted to the actors.

Their names and reputation but look closely again at this film it’s great how binary opposites and popping of balloons seems to add a humorous disdain sided toward building upon a conclusion.

The old man crawls below the Merry-go-round to dismantle the already broken switch in his attempt to save two young boys racing round and round.

The two main characters battle it out under the hooves of a mannequin horses hoof.

The crooked camera shots begin to level out between the two main characters merely adding to the expectation of this wooden hoof crushing the face of our innocent hero who all he did was to play tennis well and realise something’s are best not mentioned to the cops or even the ones you love.

There are many other ways of studying this film, I thought the mis en scene was a challenge but there you go, its an interesting film.

Hello world!

The emotions of the thinking is what encapsulates change, you could say it’s a bit like hexy decimal of infinity hence the ramifications of making the natural simplification

So many minds incorporate the air of today, some of these minds become Orated through a simple construct with a certain eloquence as all good Orators do, but these truths need to be amalgamated and simplified for the common good of Planet Earth.

Our brains populate a nebulous inside ourself’s that luckily never truly merits the capabilities existing today, tomorrow and last week. The emotions of the thinking is what encapsulates change, you could say it’s a bit like hexy decimal of infinity hence the ramifications of making the natural simplification honoured by every household of every nation vital in order to continue existing comfortably on a long term basis, with scaremongering the common worker. Workers and thinkers alike all are conscious of the new muddy ground that we’ve all contributed on trampling upon.

So if these new boots are indeed to be worn who is going to manufacture them, maybe some Marxist provocation without any real solution, or a varied amount of questionnaires debarked from what’s left of recycled paper or just dumped on the Internet space, waiting for that desperation that encapsulates all our futures, being careful to check for the existence of loose change still pouting the pockets like security guards protecting something that will never happen or the conditioning existing between humans and faith, come on folks where can we really draw the line of illiterate provocation.

Seekers of the truth beware time is running out.

Environmentalists stop translating your stuff, share it with the rest of us.

Politicians speak like you intend to continue, think small as appose to the big pitter patter of fluctuating frequencies ac-curring upon every satellite hovering upon every last google earthed land mark, and keep watching yourself as would a personnel trainer in-order that he may continue in his work successfully.