Drones Over Tottenham

Drones over Tottenham again. Signs should be available to say they not UFO’s.

Why do drones always congregate near a full moon? Technology has come a long way. Drones have gone from being like humming wasps to complete silence. This week we seen more unidentified flying drones over Tottenham.

It was a dark April evening as drones over Tottenham moved around slowly, silently flashing red, white and blue fairy lights.

They just appeared from no where one at a time. I only seen two but I think there were three of them hovering around.

Two of them seemed to leave jet chem trails, that’s why I deduce there were three. Besides luck says bad things come in three’s.

Popular frindge news website Vice recently covered drones in Whitechapel. Two young up and coming consumers drove around the city in a car monitoring a drone. The drone is equipped with a heat sensor. Searching for cannabis growers in cities all around Great Britain.

The boyfriend of the young couple who I assume own the remote controlled drone said he was doing growers a favour by seeking them out. His reasoning was that police are deploying similar tactics.

So either the other evenings drones were genuine police drones or is that young couple doing the rounds. If business is as good as they say on Vice then I sure they could also afford an upgrade in drones. More than likely it’s this new unarmed night vehicle looking for trouble.

There is a chance they were UFO’s because they covered a lot of ground. They all headed to the moon, which added to the illusion. Even Mutley clambered the wall to get a better look. You should of seen him, it was like an episode of catch the pigeon.

The Rooms. 1.0.

“Death for you, death for me, all I see is Ossified Debris!”


“It’s trending Unc,” Piers is fiddling with a tar black strand of floppy fringe, squeezing and twirling it around chipped black nail polished fingertips, “we’re most probably gonna get a deal but…fuck it, Badger says we should just take the pub, Soundcloud three tunes then link it to Bandcamp and cut out the fucking middle-men. Like…” I do wish he’d refrain from addressing me as ‘Unc’.
“You know Unc, we’re doing a live P.A. at Dungeon 24-O on Weds. Midnight. You should rock up dude, be well sick.” Piers is the unhappy result of a fervid one-nighter in Lausanne involving my youngest Sis, Julia and some bearded Austrian ‘DJ’ by the name of ‘Tech-Konig-Banger’ or ‘TKB’ if you please. Julia singularly ignored my advice to get the growth Dyson’d out of her and took it to term and so Piers ‘TKB’ is now sitting opposite me in Nando’s fussing with his hair, Peri-Peri Wings untouched. “Gis ya phone.” I shake my head. “Come on!” I shake my head. It’s not that I’m precious about my mobile it’s just that the sooner we’re out of here the better for all and I do not want to give my spotty, lanky, nephew any more one-sided conversational ammo. “What? Think I’ll take the piss?” That’s exactly what I think. A not unattractive waitress walks past. “Bang-Tidy.” states Piers. I have to concur. Piers ceases his tacky tonsulary and leans forward. “I saw you checking her tits man.” He winks. If Nando’s will insist on employing aesthetically pleasing young women and ordering them to wear constrictive black T-Shirts, where exactly is one supposed to look?
“ ‘Ossified Debris’ by…Ossified Debris. I’m gonna buy Mummy an island. Jamaica. Not Jamaica, obvs, but a small island off the coast. She raised me on Bob.” God, he’s ugly. I never saw a pic of his biological, only going on the sketches and watercolours that Julia produced in-between getting fingered on the banks of Lake Leman and even then, lilies were being gilded, I shouldn’t wonder but God, he is ugly. “Check this shit.” Piers is groping in the muff-pouch of his three-sizes-too-big charcoal hoody. He produces a sheet of A3. “Properly Old-School. Ya get me?” He flings the sheet in front of my empty plate. I peer down. A group of Islamic State fighters are holding their Kalashnikovs sky-ward and yelling. It appears the image has been cut from a newspaper, badly. Some of the heads are missing; I doubt Piers would see the irony. “Look at the flags Unc.” The black Jihadist banners are still intact but the white centre circle has been replaced by a cruddily drawn monolith, more like a skittle if anything. The white Arabic script above has been replaced by the legend, in Gothic Type: ‘Ossified Debris’. “Fucking provocative shit, yeah?” Piers has started to twist and writhe his black fringe. “Awesome.” There are no details on the paper. I motion for a member of staff, preferably the waitress. “Know exactly what you’re thinking Unc but Badger’s got it sorted: No fucking details, offend the Muzzies, all goes off, goes fucking viral, bods all link it with the tag on twitter, Sex fucking Pistols Mark II but, obvs, well better.” I’m waving an arm like I’m on deck in a squall. The waitress is depositing a bowl of nachos to my far right. She spots me.
“Emily Maitlis.” I stop waving and turn.”You’re feeling her Unc.” Many times you ugly, lanky, spotty twerp. Many times. Often in a horse-drawn in Montmartre. “This is totally on Newsnight dude which means Emily Maitlis on me, live, which means well on you, ‘cos you’ll have to drive me to the studio. I get to number 1, not that I give a shit, yeah, you get to spank Maitlis. Bang-Tidy.”
The waitress is fast approaching as is the image of Emily; a four-poster; a set of cuffs; black seamed stockings; velvet corset, knee-high black spike heeled boots. “Dead in the gutter like Capitalism…Facebook Faceache a Global Schism. Devil’s Jism!” The waitress reaches us.
“Death for you, death for me, all I see is Ossified Debris!” God he’s ugly. “Check that dope shit baitch!” The waitress ignores Piers. I put it on the plastic. Outside the wind is snapping. I turn the collar of my jacket up. On the walk to the car Piers is describing in elaborate detail what he’d do to Paris Hilton; “She’s a Milf but still fit-as.” Somewhere in a piss-soaked Viennese alley, some itching crack-bag is templating my nephew’s future. I’m happy when we pull away.

Reactions, distractions, fears and tears

For every message we make, there has to be some sort of forethought. There are so many ways reactions take place, understanding who you are talking to helps, finding out who you are talking to is not all that easy. I could share with you some ways to find out more about your readers probably on someone else’s blog. If I get chance I will add these links into this post. Messages require calm reactions, if you are using images be sure to explain the reason behind confusing photographs. Right now due to the amount of reactions, distractions a lot I imagine of unfocused people are very sensitive right now. A lack of focus can come to anyone, so the temptation to follow other people is always there its a lot easier than focusing and there are a lot of creative people out there. Everyone love creativity and being creative by answering problems of the world, if you share these fears you will be less prone to the emotion welt up. Its a hard biscuit to crunch. On your own you are alone, in a tribe or congregation you are not alone and the sense of being part of a force marching only makes you stronger inside or outside the house. Having a conscious contact with god helps people and I understand getting closer to god comes through studying recommended text which requires an example of a regular contact with faith, that is a test and an ability to understand a reel back what has been understood. I here am not asking for any affirmations of your understanding of faith and am not asking you to raise your hand and agree with me. I am just exploring the thoughts of faith in the context of faith in peace and is democracy a flat route of opening the road of peace to everyone?

Focusing is hard when so many people are focusing on the same thing, this is global consciousness and for some this is an obligation. I enjoy people who share the continual grace especially when they give of decent examples of leadership qualities. This is nothing about how I understand democracy. Democracy is an idea made as long ago as you like. When you find out what you like about democracy you can begin talking about the sources and branch out from there. This is a good tip if you have forgotten what it is all about. When you follow people and disconnect or they disappear you will be left with a sense of loss. You can find out more about this by searching YouTube on mind control reversal, its called morbid reality. When you have a strong sense of belonging you feel empowered, part of the collective marching on merrily down the road.

When a dream becomes reality everyone who is in that dream come to the front and celebrate in the successes. When a dream turns into a nightmare the characters in that dream out of fear or emotion become divided. Whether you believe or remember your dreams and nightmares is besides the point. My point is your unconscious thoughts can so some trains of thought say become reality.

In relation to what I am thinking right now requires an explanation of me the writer: metaphysical thoughts, sometimes focused often distracted and dip in and out of all sorts of faiths, thinking and schools of thought. I am dedicated and loyal to the cause of understanding what life is all about, why things happen and what might happen in the future. When things happen its a sense of knowing this would happen and by this time I am already on to something else. Time is strange, one minute I am now the next I am in an article from two, three, four years ago. My objective then seems to be about six months into the future. The perceptions I see happening around me are based on confusion when a six sense of being lied to comes in. I want to know who is financing things to empower or change thoughts. So a dream then becomes a nightmare in theory when the sense of fear is detected through a metaphysical sense of being lied too, if it happens to me I am sure other people have this too, I have dispraxia by the way so it won’t be all that many people.

In relation to what dreams do to people involved in politics, law and the services or armed forces. A nightmare would be less of a challenge, as a point of reference I think a nightmare would be more productive for many people. Especially when they react with less sense of emotion. Sometimes perhaps the nightmare environment is where they best thrive. The world is looking for leaders, leaders have scientifically been shown to have phycological traits that to many see as a trail of violence, a history of harsh times in which we remember them by. Lawyers follow the law but also use tactics to make a point which some may see as below the belt of truth when actual fact they know and do the job well. In this example then the winning is the restoration of the dream. The amount of times awaking from a nightmare subsides, possibly it may even be the jump that speedily creates the mornings awakening. Imagine this waking up being told what to do. Is this something worth getting used too? Perhaps this is a reality you are in and making that transition retiring from the job into relaxing and trying to transform the brains patterns of nightmare to dreams. If you job is determined by faith then again this maybe a dichotomy you either have to dip your toes in the water or immerse yourself in the fountain of promising and perhaps enjoyable democracy. Enjoyable in the notion you contributed to the reality we all share unless possessed by some niggling thought or suggestion.

In relation to what you might be thinking when reading this article I would just take a lot of what I am saying about democracy with a good grain of sea salt. More so I would ask for your contributions here on dreams and realities, nightmares and the way a nightmare can determine success or so create confusion, is something you want to change about sleep patterns. You may have some experience in the roles available and how you successfully managed to help, or identify with behaviours that on face value seem strange, but in the grand scheme of things worked out overtime really well. If you are someone of faith and want to impart your understanding of democracy again I invite you to share your blurbs as I have shared here. If you are someone of emotion struggling to understand thoughts, dreams, nightmare, realities and democracies please subscribe to this blog because I am doing my best here and with good reason will research more for you over the next few weeks.

Leadership in NATO Questioning Koran

left_gatekeepersThis year we have seen european education focusing on Leadership, many of you have been educated from various backgrounds and understand what I mean. NATO has invested in new ways of understanding the world and trying to understand why the world is the way it is. NATO stands for north Atlantic treaty organisation and they take great pride when given a pat on the back when they show they have understood the new literature which is helping people evolve. The prime aim is to educate women and educate men and women on how women think. The work place has changed and more and more women are working in high executive positions where decisions have to be made. Teams working together in unison can really help companies succeed. Sometimes people will have to be disciplined and taught about new values. This temporary transition has effected the legal system. Many people are worried about the law, but since the law is changing they should not worry, they have to educate themselves. My question is this, will this transformation be as disruptive as the crusades? Also I ask how long will it take for people who have been educated in various laws around the world to become universal. Also I ask about the value of life and like NATO take a look at the persuasion techniques already in place to keep people happy and peaceful. Another question if I get time I would really love to discuss and see some people answering is where is the middle ground. Clearly there are going to be differences of opinion, many of them are already out there broadcast on YouTube. You can see how convinced people are in their knowledge of the law. But there is this defensive side showing which is quite worrying. In the 21st century there are still laws in place that are completely different to the laws and how we understand them. What you learn whilst writing and sharing about leadership are the problems you can expect and the solutions to overcoming them. The course felt more like a probing think tank. The world is looking for solutions so this is correct. And there is an element of truth to the resistance of law as we understand it. When sharing about how we dealt with situations successfully. Because it worked in the time zone the conviction for the effectiveness of how it was dealt with the opinion takes precedence in the group so everyone react but also jot down the example for future reference. Three things happened for me. I got to hear a problem in a real job in a position of leadership and how that person dealt with the situation. The thoughts they had about other members and the possible reasons that they and the rest of the class deduced about why the problem became a problem. And of course being able to come up with a solution that would in any other sense never been there. This example if documented then is adding to the think tank of actions we are seeing implemented today.

Secondly it gives a platform for people to speak. Most of the students came from what I would call really good jobs. Civil servants, leaders of big companies, all different types of cultures who had worked in other countries and it was a great platform to make friends. Each day differences of opinion would clearly show and each time something happened lots of amazing transformational diffusion happened, we each had are said because we had to and why not and we communicated through various ways. (a clear introduction of what we were doing, on the wall diagrams or lists, pen to paper, group discussions, presentations and always at the end really reflective feedback.

Thirdly I learned to find certain topics which would change me in various ways. The high end of the spectrum would be a disconnect, lack of energy and disengaged. The reasons for this would be lack of understanding and a clear understanding that new in-doctrines were being introduced. They are not new because I have tried to study them on my own over the years but never really been able to understand the practicalities in my life, which is possibly why I would want to disconnect. When put into scenarios that might pop up in the future and being pressed into stepping into the boots of a leader in this place. These new ideas or laws became appealing, the interruptions from other inquisitive people made me realise at first that what at first seems disruptive and for some people triggering, these new teachings were the fundamental cores of the new indoctrinating of the 21st century. Knowing however is half the thing creating the jobs and accepting that leaders and managers are not the only roles is my concern. Having to many chefs in the kitchen is only going to create a lot of dirty dishes and excess food being thrown away. Similarly my argument was there is already a lack of jobs, so what is the point learning leadership and management. I thought is a form of control, but then I thought about the laws being obsolete. It’s just they are not obsolete they are just bending for the new world we live in. The laws are being bent by powerful successful companies that know how to make things happen. The leadership then is a like a flat plan that anyone can open to create and explain their own company. This is appealing to employers according to the sort of jobs available, however they are looking for experience not education. This is why now the only way I can interpret what I learned on the course as yet another tick on chart of personal development. A treasured experience added to the academic curiosity about phycology, business studies, communications and speaking coherently without all the waffle.

Much of what I know is based on an amalgamation of cultures in the east and west. Much of what we are learning is also being taught in the middle east so these leaders are also facing challenges to carry out the new revelations into society. Which is where the problems come in and the same thought is applied to law. Any rewrite is going to upset the apple cart and when leaders remind the students that the laws have worked for centuries they just agree. By being taught about leadership they maybe able to snap out of this trance and disagree or simply stop putting there hand up when asked to do so.

In the context of sharia law I think this is one way imams can help teach members in the mosque. By teaching them to think for themselves and resist against the words in a book, rather listen to clear guidance and be less quick to challenge the new and accepted norms. Most good people who are educated in a way that makes them able to live comfortably, raise a family and give to the community is a good thing. If someone is always an outsider and wants to return to the land where they think they originate they should get the help they need to do this. I think you will find the same challenges are being faced everywhere. Every year pilgrims meet up and if it is anything like my experience of living in a big city they do not always get the opportunity talk about certain things and challenge norms. This is why the indoctrination that NATO has chosen is still limited, however I commend the efforts and am confident that this arena can grow, regardless of its origin, Europe, America or anywhere else. The fact is that not only does it help, it can also be applied to persons who are struggling with defending old norms and continually forcing other people into the train of thought. The tactics out there people use are fear, there has been chauvinism in the world however that has changed. I am glad women are helping doing jobs. In times of war women always chipped in. Before that women have disrupted the challenges and fears societies had. The stronger however the society the danger of the divisions. This is simply only part of pulling people up to par.

This is a gift, and most of us have accepted these gifts, I am sure you have bought your wife and children an I-pad which is a great tool from America. You can even type in Arabic just like in the Koran. Similarly the bible is available on the kindle to read. There are lots of cross references that eventually by way of persuasion make sense. Just like other scrolls from the archives. They are simply that though, archives. Imagine this everyone goes to space on a space ship to another solar system. Each person carries their faith with them from various backgrounds. People will understand the importance of these traditions, however the law of the ship will not be determined by locking people in their room for 24 hours or covering them up for the rest of the ship to see. The show must go on and people are already adapting despite what they show in a congregation. There are things people say in the group that are different when involved with a mixed tribe and any anger or inability to do the work shows. Willingness is rewarded with more responsibility. If leaders and law makers who are in power are not able to have a normal conversation about these pressing issues then will first need various things pointing out to them. If they stay stubborn and are the only ones who think they are right then they have to be taken away of this place until they can prove they have been educated again. The chances are any challenges like this will weaken their willingness to do what they think they were born to do. When this spills into how they treat families at home it is none of my business. That said the fact is I am sure behind their backs there kids are doing something completely different. Families turn a blind eye to things, but continue articulating how it is in their world and how the blessings have shaped the way they think. This thinking is a big fence. I say stop chewing corn and get out there and start speaking to the rest of the members in the democratic village.

Nuts for men Heat for women

In this essay I will look at two British magazines. I have examined ownership and the audience (the readers), advertisements, prices and list the magazines contents briefly. Additionally this essay applies topical data from listed readings within the History of Media some further reading was required. Both magazines consist of photographs and text but sections of the magazines differ I have analysed some of these.

‘Nuts’ is a male magazine, ‘Heat’ is a female gossip magazine and both magazines are published weekly for the UK and Spain.

Firstly I will explain ‘Nuts’. ‘Nuts’ is a humorous soft porn style targeted at anything between 16-30+ readership audience. ‘Nuts’ uses soft sexual images for an affect and later within this essay I will use Hall (1997) to understand this representation.

Also within the pages there are some titillation gags to impress the male readers and amongst other articles it consistently has football jokes that penalise successful sport players within the body of the football reports that give inside links into the personal pages of My-space address’s of these footballers.

‘Nuts’ is owned by Time Warner presently and the editors and writers are predominantly male (Nuts, 2007: 88) 67 members employed as editors, advertisement sections, sales, marketing, researchers and writers. However Time Warner’s vertical integration ties the company as merely a guild or guardian with ‘Nuts’ interest.

The three companies below ‘Time Warner’s’ are ‘Graphics London’ (Graphics), ‘Polestar’ (Printing) and finally ‘Market force’ (Distribution).

‘Heat’ magazine seems to be targeted at women only, and is a celebrity gossip tabloid magazine that also targets teenagers to anything over thirty years of age. ‘Heat’ however uses fashion, celebrities and cosmetics to glamorise the pages and the stories covered. They support these suggestions of what to wear and how to smell by allocating one third of the magazine for purely advertisements. Supporting these adverts is occasionally even within their own writers’ research pages. ‘Heat’ is owned by Mercury Airfreight International (Based in New Jersey) and ‘Heat’ employ’s 70 staff.

‘Heat’ is 140 pages long. 50 pages are purely advertisements (including the writers research of price tags and name brands). It’s adverts’ consist of from front to back: Banks, perfumes or fragrances, mobile phones, hair products, alcohol, stationary, toiletries, new cinema releases, furniture, video games, DVD’s, CD’s, cordials, fabric softener, Anne Summers lingerie, contact lenses and finally  graphics and animations for phones paid for by downloading via text messaging.

From this analyse of the advertisements there seems to be a suggestion through using fashion, cosmetics and celebrities or young attractive models an attempt to glamorise the covers within the pages. Supportively this was mentioned in the ‘The Printing Press as an Agent of Change’ core reading: It depicts young perfectly shaped women dressed glamorously (Rose, 2001:89), supported by (E.L Eisenstein,1979, 66-67) [1]

1. “The printed book will destroy the building”. 2. “Crowded with images” 3. Simplicity of operation was not a factor of prime importance (see footnotes).

‘Nuts’ is 116 paged omnibus (cheap publication) that only costs £1.40 ( €2.95 ), 23 of these pages are adverts and 47 depict explicit pictures of women naked or topless (not obscene by today’s standards) 10 pages are football and sports statistics. 5 pages contain gadgets and motor vehicles and only a couple of pages for Big Brother (the television show).

15 of these pages are the TV’s weekly guide.

Of the 23 pages of adverts from back to front there is; hair gel, mobile pictures of topless women, then other mobile phone ‘synergy’ or cross marketing (Benshoff & Griffin, 2004: 46)

They include clothes, trainers, dating sites, video games (mainly for the phones), music, fashion, fantasy football, football tickets, a home office warning then a ten page spread of the new ‘Simpson’s’ cartoon movie.

Both magazines offer ideologies or encoding that entice going out, consuming products but generally attempt to make an appreciation of the opposite sex. Stuart Hall spoke about this:

This encoding could incite lustful thoughts (S. Hall, 2001). Supportively the anchoring of shared association between these two magazines differs in that Nuts humours men about men that should be out meeting women and Heat flirts with women about successful women that also conspires women to go out and impress men by getting noticed.

Ironically both magazines cover TV coverage that I find a paradox between going out and staying in. Additionally most of this magazine touches upon Big Brother contestants old and new a prime example of watching or voyeurism (Barthes, 1957: Mythologies).

However a gendered debate between the audience or readers of ‘Nuts’ is far more simple than the ladies ‘Heat’ because ‘Heat’ is far less explicit.

‘Nuts’ within the text sometimes uses arbitrary statements after all in sociological terms the relationship between the reader and business is always arbitrary.

For example within it’s title page 18 below the Main page heading Weird stuff it has highlighted in yellow (with black coloured Tahoma font) “A normality-free zone” a hyphen that seems to connect an unusual coupling of words.

But more importantly with regards to the arbitrariness of English language this is not slang neither does it have much to do with what’s normal. However the picture of the giant rubber duck and to the right of this ‘The Vegetable Orchestra’ support this unusual heading; but also give a tame incite to support affectively the slipperiness of ‘Nuts’ Humour.

The texture of both magazines gives a similar impression: The linear pages are shiny, feel pleasant to touch, smell fresh additionally the colour impact is a multi spectrum of vibrant colours.

The fonts are big enough to notice the article contents below these sub-headings.  The pages turn surprisingly easily either way from back to front or front to back (the traditional Western method).

Both magazines are of a high standard; they use good materials and the web-sites are designed surprising well; the links are quick the graphics are great and there is just as much info available (if not more!).

This reinforces the profit made from advertising not just with the quickness of the links but more the magazines quality and ‘The Strands of audiences’ that is there is always easier accessibility.

In ‘Heat’ there is a picture of a pregnant woman with an oval shaped coloured back boundary. This example is interpreted by connotation for women readers that has an emphasise for re-generation.

Important for any society for its survival and continue growing. Additionally in ‘Heat’ these many female photographs reinforce an importance for female friendship or companionship.

‘Nuts’ example of connotation on page 7 a photograph supported by an article depicts a contestant in the bull stampede. His injury is gruesome with a horn trapped inside his calf leg assumes its readers live in a paddock.

Much of the writer’s research goes into details about chasing an adrenaline rush. This could also metaphorically make a link between man being a stud like a bull to the orientation (Benshoff, Griffin, 2004: 7) of readers.

This illusion again is another example of what’s perceived real (Baudrillard) within the hyperreal.

Both of these pictures show pain and struggle from carrying a baby in the stomach compared to the man scared and injured both equally impressing the male readers or ‘Heats’ female readers.

Yet both examples subtly remind a women about the man’s fertilisation or the endurance of man to show off for the woman enduring elements of pain that I’m sure would scar for life.

On page 53 is the only panoramic view in the whole magazine. It shows a cartoon image taken from the Simpson’s of a postcard photo animation of Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

‘Heat’ however in Preston and Chantelle’s house on page 31-32 (former lovers through Big Brother 7) show panoramic views inside their house.

Before this page 29 a advert of Rush Hour 3 (starring Jackie Chan) showing a panoramic view of Amsterdam river to the left of the starring actors and to the left of the Eiffel Tower.

The poster is air brushed photo’s that seem to be art and its two tone colours of each geographical view is yellow and brown.

On page 35 also in Heat there is a panoramic view of a city shot with an altered image from a bridge looking up at the curved and distorted image of skyscrapers.

Both magazines are equally interested in caricatures of people rather than locations or backgrounds within these two editions. However both magazines talk about countries outside of the UK within some of the writers articles.

The website www.nuts.co.uk has more information about the policies and conditions that the magazine must follow.

‘Nuts’ penchant of liking for beautiful young women gives again an inclination of whose exactly employed within their team. They assume who must be particularly interested in spending money on male magazines.

Researching data sent to the web-site or fan-mail posted to the address given on page 88.

This interest will provide feedback for which the researchers employed will continue to adapt for this niche market.

That is young working class who take historical trends of sovereignty into consideration. So to avoid clashing with competition from other magazines such as FHM.

FHM however is not as explicit or pornographic and contains more stories and musical reviews.

This reinforces ‘Nuts’ mags audience reliability, for which they duly inject the readers with data that they will crave again.

But both magazines are throw away weekly magazines even though the quality of the mag is good unlike a newspaper for example.

There is a far more disassociated from the American ‘oligopoly’ (Benshoff & Griffin, 2004) of Time Warner’s history. This also applicable to their current status.

Still having to conform to franchises and advertisements. Legal ways of obtaining celebrity photographs from the States as well as other celebrity material.

Since the introduction of ‘Endemol’s’ Big Brother TV package; celebrities can me made out of common people, heat utilises this fact within the majority of this edition’s pages.


Baudrillard, J (1983) Simulations. New York (semiotexte) a French scholar who gave an assessment  of the affect Media had on reality: Public were saturated by mediated images causing a distortion of truth called the Hyperreal. (Baudrillard, 1983)

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[1] Parable by; Victor Hugo: ‘Ceci teura cela’ he says (see no1.), then 2. in a dictum by Gregory the Great “Such huge built up memories, crowded with images, unnecessary with regards to the collective memory” used as an example of explaining heresy in this period (Eisenstein, 1979:154) and finally 3. Moxton’s mechanic exercises (1683) “In hand could teach himself or herself the trade from beginning to end. Simplicity of operation was not a factor of prime importance”

Big Brother. Realism and Genre.

This research essay has drawn upon academic research and online sources to discover broad social questions of society, that may be drawn from the Reality TV’s game show Big Brother. The academic origins of media analysis have been from anthropology, linguistics and historians of the media; the research has considered an open narrative analysis of British culture. Specifically Roland Barthes a post Marxist influenced Semiotician, Noam Chomsky a linguist and media critic, Tzvetan Todorov a Bulgarian philosopher who explains genre and human happiness, as well as Annette Hill through her study of  contextual culture, by explaining accordingly audience, origins to the institutions; furthermore some coincidences are noted from other similar profit based ideas on TV.  Moreover with this idea I considered three ‘broad social questions’ of our society and who it chooses to represent then control in entertainment. Firstly the technology available evolved, then British society as apposed to the rest of the world’s society, finally the vote of the people compared to Big Brother voting consequently how this factor may be something bigger than just entertainment in Britain using descriptive analyse in effect of ‘big brother’.

The name ‘Big Brother’ have origins from George Orwell’s idea of Big brother watching over society ‘1984’, a book with ‘utopian’ (Sir Thomas Moore, 1616) ideas of control. In the book ‘1984’ it’s society raises issues about relationships and controlling the workers. Holland has been experimenting with integration of people. Amsterdam especially a man made land from sea originally was connected to Britain 8,000 years ago until the rise in tides, which begins of this idea of reality TV as unnatural. But Britain has always compared it’s self to us or them, an island separate from the rest of Europe.

Anthropologists noticed ordinary lives document back as far as the 9th century from the Arabs who created light-rooms for entertainment. They were without any script and free from any narrative, just a room that framed nature. Nature created its own natural lighting required to exaggerate experience. In the 18th century Dumfries a similar discovery from a similar period revealed the first ideas in the dark-room of ‘camera obscura to camera Lucida’ (1993,Barthes, Of Mythologies). The dark and the light of the real world described coherently as ‘transparency’. From outside looking in the second dimensional view is improved by providing a middle ‘media’(B&S, 3rded, Intro).

The codes and conventions of Barthes supported by Polysemy in Semiotics used initially to understand reading the ‘media texts’ as a format of realism, this essay’s information however suggests ‘an audience desire connection with the real world in a controllable environment’ (B&S,c5, p117).

The case study of John Dovey (2001,135) is referred to explaining an audience as the public sphere for the creation of a community of ordinary people who by explaining the various technical practices will soon adopt there own interpretations through there own eyes. Specifically like online forums. He also speaks of a ‘window on the world’ but to explain this idea in more detail the apparatus available today is considered. (et.al,B&S,ch3,p62).

Today’s introduction of technology consists more of hidden cameras or surveillance video footage focused on ordinary lives. Wherever creating a 3D illusion but this must not be confused with the secretive camera’s of ‘The Truman Show’ movie (Jim Carrey, 2005). More interested in surveillance that has elements of promoting a lack of privacy and more set toward control by re-branding a new identity through the eye of a lens.  HD television improve our visual experience of viewing by filming from various angles otherwise repeating this should not be confused with the lighting and filming. Format of music may well change the surround settings, that I suppose could be argued it contributes  to the ‘deep focus’ upon any unscripted reality appose to the cinematographic opposite ‘shallow focus’(Hill,2002), Barthes accepts these as codes(et-al,B&S,ch2,p33.).

Terrestrial television here in United Kingdom has provided great statistical data thanks to BARB (Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board) this data has relevance to the media’s commercial market, that attracted sponsors like Car Phone Warehouse. 

Factors such as these have contributed to profits from text messaging and the ‘access’ activity that are made from reducing salaries and creating cheap news and like the cinema it also profits from advertising. Advertising is based upon artistic franchises that cost money so for Channel 4 to justify the cost it must show an audience. Adverts support the reality TV for entertainment as well as profit. This synergy (VOD) of working together supportively adds to the illusion of reality through products, fashion, toiletries, music and banks to inter-act with. (B&S,chp6, p165.)

Based in Hilversum, Holland, ‘Endemol’ has scripted (comedy and drama) and non-scripted (reality TV and talent shows) programmes and is the originator of the Big Brother show. Big Brother is basically twelve people, who have never met before, live together for approximately 100 days in a fenced-off compound. They are isolated from the outside world. No phones, newspapers, radios or televisions. No contact with loved ones. They’re all alone except for the millions of viewers watching. Housemates are recorded, broadcasted on television and the internet, and even sent through text messages to mobile phones about the evictions. On a regular basis, the participants are required to nominate two or more housemates. By voting, the viewers decide who leave the house. The last participant to leave the house is the winner. (Endemol,2006.)

Edemol in 2002 had 19 different countries that use the similar idea. Already Big Brother is annually creating a made lineage of previous contestants. These contestants are rewarded with work, there views are requested by understanding new contestants, unlike the British elite this luxury was not inherited. But globally this is a process of  ‘sorting out the winners from the losers’. Contestants are played upon like real life. (Ellis,2001.)

Described fully in ‘Hyperdermic model’ (Chapter6, p148) of quickly introducing to the young or naive a package in this case like a narcotic injected into there lives that they must purchase to be part of that will guarantee pleasure, but it’s life expectancy is short unlike a classic movie or an ongoing soap more an instant fix, how else could one justify observing people sleeping for hours. Simultaneously this generation of couch potatoes (I Ang, 1991, p149) is affective and we see this from statistical figures of all those actively watching ‘Big Brother’. How long will this product remain worthy of watching?

The cognitive therapeutic viewing of bizarre wallpaper Zap Happy Britain (ch6,p160) appeals to the audience anticipation by Endemol of  votes are cast also by pressing the red-button on there remote control another technological extension of realism with there on the spot spin.

“We may be in the early stages of a new social movement for which democratization of the media will be a central focus of discussion, activism and reconstruction.” – Noam Chomsky.

Activism is a term used to explain a social change that I believe contextually Big Brother intended to do, by noticing the numbers of young actively studying media. Chomsky talks about Globalization and this idea is drawn from by paying to vote the audience are far more satisfied compared to the reputations on television. But to assume that technology will improve our reality’s in Britain or to adopt America’s successful idea of Democracy as stated by Chomsky would be contrary to history’s myth of independence (1775–1783) where by the British elite were expelled from America. Other research of political attitudes gives a hint that ‘Big Brother’ may even introduce democracy in Britain, understanding European ideologies, after all the UK is part of the EU.       (B&S, C6)

From further research I noticed GMTV, Richard & Judy’s (Cactus TV) shortcomings. Trust in televisions inter-active TV is depleting. From so many viewers with mobile phones we are well aware of the profit they make from voting. Reinforcing this example laws exist about consent of using the home phone if below the age of 18 (B&S,ch6) but how can these laws be reinforced?

NVLA now known as Mediawatch UK who used to employ Mary Whitehouse is a contemporary movement voice that observes and challenges any violence on TV. They are looking for sexual and profanity matters with an emphasis of any violence. Channel 4 targets a youthful audience prior to the Watershed. Late night viewing was regulated by dubbing the sound out and replacing the sound with birds chirping replacing the real with something close.

Their views are moulded more from ‘Little Brother’(B.B.L.B.) hosted by Dermot O’leary who interviews the stars and the public, ‘Big Mouth’ is hosted by Russell Brand who from Sunday to Friday straight after the show speaks with his audience in London. Both the hosts selected West Endemol were young up and coming comedians. Also Big Brain on channel 4 hosted a more psychological profile of body language and profiling, they call it exposing the intelligence.(Big Brother, 2007) All of these shows contribute to ‘objectivity’(Barthes) of the shows genre.

That is to say by in discussions the shows views become a new perspective all these factors and discussions may help understand their personal views. A good example of controversy arising from the audience observing real life television was Celebrity Big brothers argument between Jane Goody and Shilpa Shetty consequently issues of racism and bullying were raised.

The cat-walk scene of evictee’s greeted by Davina McCall:  The camera and lighted entrance justify this panning around the perimeters’ of the house by the camera crew then narrative sets up expectations of a good speech about the competitors. Horizontally for the audience at home as well, the thousands cheering outside know this realism is pre-ordained and un-rehearsed. Todorov spoke about endings of characters in the story of a film westerns, Barthes through several ways of explaining the Format, that is the contextual linguistic terminology that explains the Media text or the presentation to the audience.

We see the losers rejoicing and cheering eviction, restoring the equilibrium somehow to guarantee celebrations. A happy ending.

This realism has turned over large amounts of money. Concluding that ‘Realism’ as a package on TV has been successful. Although this lack of control within what happens especially with the Jane Goody incident cost West Endemol its sponsors Car-phone Warehouse.

But more importantly of the technological advancement information whereas in life, the internet, You-Tube and forums. Finally the codes incorporated to Big Brother’s Genre is just as valid in this country as it would be in America, it’s only the audience who can also influence anything they don’t like, and traditionally they do. In conclusion this reality TV package delivers an atmosphere where you don’t have to go out and meet people but my reality is what’s real has to excite all of the senses. Not just watching. We all pay rent , or all have mortgages and bills looming overhead; it’s this realism that this era of disaffected and disempowered young middle class may reach out too. Replacing the dissatisfaction so subsequently keeps the young inside the country, an important addictive healthy option.

Footnote:  Russell Brand has announced that he has quit. Edemol this week just purchased The Hammer house of Horror a new element am sure that may influence the format or comedy genre of big brother in UK. Meanwhile this week begins a new episode of big brother. The only contestants I’ve met who has been on big brother is Goldie, Bez and Ken. I have met all the comedians who host the shows and have just noticed a new advert on the web-site ‘Celebrity Big Bubble’ “Stay in and get tanked”, Marilyn Manson appears to be the winner.


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