Drones Over Tottenham

Drones over Tottenham again. Signs should be available to say they not UFO’s.

Why do drones always congregate near a full moon? Technology has come a long way. Drones have gone from being like humming wasps to complete silence. This week we seen more unidentified flying drones over Tottenham.

It was a dark April evening as drones over Tottenham moved around slowly, silently flashing red, white and blue fairy lights.

They just appeared from no where one at a time. I only seen two but I think there were three of them hovering around.

Two of them seemed to leave jet chem trails, that’s why I deduce there were three. Besides luck says bad things come in three’s.

Popular frindge news website Vice recently covered drones in Whitechapel. Two young up and coming consumers drove around the city in a car monitoring a drone. The drone is equipped with a heat sensor. Searching for cannabis growers in cities all around Great Britain.

The boyfriend of the young couple who I assume own the remote controlled drone said he was doing growers a favour by seeking them out. His reasoning was that police are deploying similar tactics.

So either the other evenings drones were genuine police drones or is that young couple doing the rounds. If business is as good as they say on Vice then I sure they could also afford an upgrade in drones. More than likely it’s this new unarmed night vehicle looking for trouble.

There is a chance they were UFO’s because they covered a lot of ground. They all headed to the moon, which added to the illusion. Even Mutley clambered the wall to get a better look. You should of seen him, it was like an episode of catch the pigeon.

Democratic Party

The democratic party is on again this week, so if you have anything to do with politics, be there or be square.

This is not your usual party political democrats meet up. Food will be served yourself. This is a self catering do. Which means you’ll just have to bring your own bottle.

We’ll be launching a new boat and a surprise guest will cut the red ribbon. You can look forward to politicians old and new. There will be a charitable whip round for surprised politicians selected to walk the plank.

The party doesn’t end with a boat. Expect posh lodgings around the city. Funding will be available for anyone who finds free lodgings. On occupation of the building we will provide you with the best space possible and perhaps some clean linen. You can expect wide screen projections and long PowerPoint presentations. Bring your own laboratory paper please because on site chemical toilets will be reserved for leaders of the dark side.

We ask that you provide your own rosettes and tie your own tie in the morning. We recommending matching ties and Rosetta, blue for cribs and red for honour. Be prepared this is a GTA5 game graphics event. We expect you to do as your told and get the job done as quick as humanely possible. Gang bangers will be turned away at the door, so dress appropriately, leave the clown suites at home.

This is a once a year event, so prepared for anything for this not your usual democratic party. If you attended last year and survived it, please wear the lousy t-shirt we got you. This years event will have great keynote speakers who have recently retired from the political force. They will be signing shirts, so look out for them. Expect another whip round for them. We hope to raise enough funds to send them home packing.

SPOILER ALERT: topics of the day include – politics, sport, keynote jokes, funding guidance and inside tips about up and coming red tape. All the fun of the fair really.

Loose Women Special Guests Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton

Can you imagine it, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton as special guests on UK daytime television?

I sure you will agree this show would be fun.

Imagine having Britian’s finest tv presenters acting as mediators between these two American politicians.

Women flirting with Donald Trump and picking up and diffusing his male advances. Hillary answering questions to the cast of Loose Women who the week before rubbed shoulders with Germany’s PM Angela Merkel and UK PM all gossiping about their male conquests.

The Two Ronnies outlined twenty years ago the future of politics. A future ruled by women in black rubber uniforms. The worm has definetely turned.

The thing I like about Loose Women is the way they turn the tables on male guests. Can you imagine Donald Trump and all his sons on the Mr World catwalk? Mr Bump, Mr Tickle and Mr Happy.

The series of debates on YouTube is entertaining. Every secret is being laid out, however I feel they need a stronger mediator. A referee would be good. A few referees with bells and whistles.

Soon we can expect a comeback of This is Your Life, but until then lets get them on Loose Women.

I think Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton should both get a room in the White House.


Democratic voting, offshore banking and political finger pointing

Lets just take a step back for a while please, at a time when a lot of people are pointing fingers three things stand out right of the bat.s

People are people, banking is banking and politician’s, well they’re still politician’s. You see nothing has changed and the information you see before you is nothing new.

A lot of people want you to know about stuff, they don’t care what that stuff is. Often it starts of tit for tat; whilst one side of the fields a butterfly flaps it’s wings and on the other a buffalo storms a China shop. The spicy ingredients in all of this has always been (and rightly so) a propriety secret they don’t want you to know about.

The appetite for economic destruction all began thousands of years ago before the Levellers. Landowners working for the crown took it upon themselves to create a system worthy of any family. Built on a British framework with scaffolding laid out on a scale never seen before. This rental process eaten into allsorts of funds, leaving wayfaring workers out of pocket and at times left redundant because of mismanagement and compartmentalized argument’s on a scale never seen before.

Banks have shuffled around funds for years now and there has been a lot to learn from these once effective mechanisms. Organisations outside the usual framework have been on the sideboard waiting, anticipating and try a little to help to aristocracy save cash. It’s like any other business growing by referral. One man abuses the youthful idea, has a field day so invites all his mates and business associate’s to steam in and abuse the young. Politicians and bankers have worked on your high street hand in hand for years, outsourcing and countersigning allsorts of stuff.

This week Iceland Prime Minister did the honourable thing when the lipstick on his collar was revealed. They say in democracy anyone involved in politics has skeletons in their closet. At the drop of a hat this shit on shoes is used to control or bribe leaders into doing stuff they may not necessarily do.

The secret services banks offer is nothing to get aerated about especially offshore bank’s. These sorts of accounts are outside of the crowns jurisdiction. There is allsorts of media abuse going on right now. Big Brother is treating the world like its own sensational brothel. We are naturally suspecting allsorts of things based on the smallest things.

When you look closely this is what all the big sports cars, grand flats in Vauxhall, Chelsea are all about. You find an area, steam in there, trash the place, invite in a van load of squatters from Romania in to party and spray paint previous pillars of communities. Then the rebuilding process begins an outside investor in Saudi Arabia say wants to spend millions on new flats in areas where development is taking place. Before this road diggers from all around the world ( Bulgaria etc ) steam roll in, flattern and tarmac roads, close of traffic and purposely slow things down a bit. One man works whilst the rest at and their pointing fingers. His job is more important than her job, or that job costs less long term to justify than the alternative.

Fear tactics have been around a long long time and I do not for the foreseeable future see any justice in the world that can replace bigger problems of poverty, mismoney management and the banking systems.

Best thing to do is not get caught up in all the sensationalism. Also when leaks happen I do not get impressed. There is after all nothing glamorous about rats ratting on one another. Lets face folks we live in a world of sin, where people are sinning. Most people are walking on eggshells and have had it hard one way or another so if none of the tabloid news directly affects you or your family in someway I really would not be to concerned with whats that all about.

Democracy and healthy world peace: John Pilger

This video introduces Mr Pilger’s work and why he chose this type of research.


As a continuation of the post after this one more video’s from John Pilger they include include

Obama Marketing Misconceptions.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 1 of 5

This video introduces Mr Pilger’s work and why he chose this type of research.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 2 of 5

This second clip includes an excerpt from John’s documentary stealing a nation.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 3 of 5

John Pilger is questioned about Islanders in the Empire and how Tony Blaire had to deal with this type of situation within the British Empire that was part of the Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez questions.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 4 of 5

Vociferous groups that support Israel have been intimidating British Intelligence. ‘Freedom Next Time’ and the ‘War on Democracy’ is highlighted in this clip to demonstrate this point. Both shows again were produced by John Pilger. The clip of ‘War on Democracy’ uses the Hugo Chavez example to show how cu’s in countries can intervene in Polatics.

Democracy Now! - John Pilger on Empire 5 of 5

Democracy or World Peace reflections.

Reflections on Democracy and World Peace.


The landscape of peace is on reflection being won by information, sales and Internet utilisation. The high end use of the internet has become yet another vessel of commodity. The commodity it holds are often useless and loaded with biased misinformation. You can find out more about this by listening to Noam Chomsky’s interviews with Democracy Now.

The link below again highlights the importance of Marketing role models. Below this you will find a back link to Chomsky’s page about Empire’s and how they practice what they preach.

Loosing hope.

Well I guess without another person knowing the truth, the truth is not at all valid, to Avant garde perhaps.

Truth is often difficult to understand, and the fact is I admittedly said the truth was what I sort but why does this process have to be so complicated. Hypothetically speaking the truth coming from the horses mouth is difficult to cultivate if one cannot process the information in a logical provable format. I argue that some of this data springs out at the right time, however the truth is it has to be repetitive, logical and linking to simple provable events (usually reported by some media) the verify the truth from the one you trust who you originally approached about knowing. Why is it we live in an age of second and third opinions. Well I guess without another person knowing the truth, the truth is not at all valid, to Avant garde perhaps. Ahead of the days especially if that news is scare mongering before it’s time. For example, lets say you read in a blog or a forum something about the future, however until you actually new the bigger picture and the knowledge of future histories does the truth make sense. And who’s to say what that bigger picture is. The present could all also be not true, especially when know-body is claiming to know the truth. It’s times like this that people turn to spiritual enlightenment to increase the perceptions of what is right. However in-between these intervals the head can slate these negative moments.

Education is historically correct if somewhat out of date a couple of years, however during the term is seems like the course is following current trends, however to get the points that clearly explain the truth (Other recognised truths) you must consult old books, sometimes a year often 20 years but more often than not new books regurgitating old news. People magically are still raving on about Aristotle, consulting other Greek imperial data, as they think about the popularity of it’s poetry. This creativity is overshadowing the points required for academia. A good analogy is constructed upon the fact that the creativity of writing is totally different to constructing a similar layout of writing an essay, or following the format of a report, citing and concluding the same analogies of everybody else who is bound to pass. Gaining results from the truth is only relevant if you act upon the truth which is soon to be lost in historical archives. What I’m expecting I guess is the truth is something that can be used to create a good change. Symbolically though this change and transference of information has be egotistical if you did not actually experience these hunches, your just following other peoples hunches. I guess this is what separates the winners from the passive audience. I could blame the TV, but I won’t. I could blame my many e-mails from Twitter (find me on robbwindow ) just as I could blame the cupboards for not refilling it’s self with food. But what’s missing is that innate desire to feed the brain.

Water and thirst is a good way of transforming this thirst for knowledge (that leeks a little truth) however the beware of the brains white washing effect. Brain retention could be innate just as it can be damaged by not absorbing the right vits and minerals.