Journalism, Media and Modernity.

Journalism. To be within the boundaries of Ethics, a Journal – must subscribe to these particular values: the principles of — truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability. such codes can be found in news reporting organisations in most countries with freedom of the press. Modernity a different term from modern times it is derived […]

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History Of Films.

Question 8. Using no more than three films as examples assess the importance of technological developments for the movie industries. In this broad context of films we may understand why we go to see them but are we aware of what goes on behind the scenes and how tricky it may have been to originally […]

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IT Impact on Media

Discuss the key impacts of information Technology in ONE of the following areas, Education, Health, Media or Work. The Media as we know it today consists of five separate entities. These five are mediums in which we are delivered or may access through in a particular package. The five are in no chronological order: Newspapers, […]

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