Dartford Masood Adrian Russell Ajao

Dartford Masood Adrian Russell Ajao. Man in his early fifties who has a history of violence, background in martial arts who has lived in Luton and Birmingham.

Dartford born Masood ‘Adrian Russell Ajao’ became a Muslim late in prison. His daughter who is quite good looking recently converted to Islam. The pressure on women to wear bhurkas is real.

Masood drove a white van over a London Bridge, in the back of his van they found a big knife. Adrian wife and daughter both seen his as ‘someone you don’t mess with’. Last night a white van with three men residing perhaps in Barking drove over people on an adjacent Bridge. They preceded to enter bars between London Bridge and Borough Market causing trouble. Reports came in of women beating and photos show the terrorists armed with big knife’s wearing wife beating vests. They also attacked bouncer’s, pedestrian’s and police officers.

The punks and their family have not yet been named. It’s always good during these difficult times to put names to face’s. This week the levels of threat have fluctuated up, down and up again. When name changing happens there is always going to be difficulties.

When the boy drove down the path of the bridge one women jumped into the river to avoid being popped. Last night helicopters landed on London Bridge to check no one had jumped off to avoid the speeding white van filled with trouble makers.

Similar to the sick man Adrian who had an identity crisis who killed people was shot himself, all three terrorist’s last night were shot.

The men like ISIS action figure’s were wearing toy plastic explosive canisters. The white van is another common theme and the big machete knife’s is another. These guy’s are shot straight away which is interesting. The message seems to be here in the United Kingdom terrorism will not be tolerated and anyone taking up this atrocity will be shot on site rather than house, clothe and feed these radacalists.

There is a genuine concern for women from rich Muslim Background’s being pressured by family into arranged marriage’s. A young women went into a Croydon legal refuge reporting experiencing this. This included violence at home, underage marriage, death threats from family members who feel ashamed of any words about divorce. This naming a shaming of families is a genuine concern within a failing old tradition. Apparently she was assassinated by her cousin who accepted payment from rich Muslim uncle based here in UK.

I understand why police are trained to shoot these people on site. However behind the scene’s problem’s within the community are clearly happening. Is therefore little wonder men are donning GI jihadi Joe uniforms, jumping in big white religious buses and patrolling street’s trying to brainwash others into their own archaic issues.

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